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Twelve years ago I lost everything I loved. I lost the ability to play the one sport that I had given every sweat and tear to. A career ending injury and a three-day coma left me hearing the words a player never wants to hear.

Since that day, I have made it my goal to break into the one world a female hasn’t entered yet: The NHL and specifically- Head Athletic Trainer. Finally getting my chance to prove myself I will not let anything or anyone stand in my way of my new dreams…until he shatters every ounce of control that I’ve hidden behind for years.

His arrogance, his determination and his god damn near perfect body set my body on fire. The more I try to stay away, the more I am drawn to him and the one night I give him- I lose.


I value nothing more than dominating on and off the ice. Nothing can deter my focus or my attention from taking my chance to prove to the world that I can capture the ultimate goal: the Stanley Cup. Coming off a heartbreaking loss in last year’s finals, the new season is full of promise and records. Until she walks in…

The newest Athletic Trainer of the NY Hawks and sister of my biggest rival, Jessica McAdams sets my body on fire: a response I haven’t felt in a long time. From the first time I saw her at the club and heard her name mentioned around the locker room, I was taken.

I could see through her walls, the false defenses she put up. She tries to pretend she is a stone cold and in charge woman, but I see the promise of what is underneath. As much as she pushes me away, the more I come to desire her, need her and want to dominate her. What starts as a mission to dominate the rough exterior becomes something I can’t live without- and she becomes the one thing I need more in my life than anything else, even if she doesn’t want me back.


I entered the hotel roughly around one in the morning. It was a quick trip to the bar, one that I really didn’t want to partake in, but did anyway. I was walking toward my room when I saw Jessica down the hall.

“Ms. McAdams?” I said as I jogged toward her. She turned and paused.

“How can I help you, Mr. Mitchell?”

I stopped as I came up on her. “You can call me Micah for starters.”

“Not happening. So, what can I help you with Mr. Mitchell.” She stood in front of me with her hands folded across her chest. She was still in her wind pants and polo shirt from the game earlier. I stared down at her as I watched her back up until she was stuck between the wall and me. I put my hands on either side of her head and bent down.

“You need to call me Micah. Mr. Mitchell is so formal, and I intend to be anything but formal with you.”

I saw her body shake as I whispered that to her. Unless I was wrong, which I wasn’t often, she wanted me as much as I wanted her.

“Don’t deny it, Jessica.”

“Deny what, Mr. Mitchell?” Her voice was shaky as she looked up at me.

“Don’t deny yourself what your body wants.”

“You don’t know what you are talking about.” She uncrossed her arms and attempted to stand taller.

“But I do know what I am talking about. I see the way your body betrays you. I can see your breath quicken, the way you shiver at the closeness, and I could see the disappointment earlier this evening when I moved away from you.”

“I do not know what you are talking about, Mr. Mitchell. I think you are mistaken. And as I have told you before, I am not interested.”

“One night, Jessica. Just submit to me for one night. I promise you won’t regret it.” My dick was straining against my jeans, and the uncomfortable tension lingered in the air.

“No. First off, I don’t submit to anyone, and secondly, I don’t fool around, especially with men the likes of you,” she responded sternly.

“The likes of me? Honey, I assure you that you haven’t met someone the likes of me. And no offense, but you are a natural submissive.”

“I am not a submissive.” Her voice rose, as she stood tall and pushed me back. “Now if you will excuse me.” Jessica moved away, and I grabbed her arm and turned her back to me, pulling her against my chest. Without thinking, my hands grasped the back of her head and I pulled her mouth to me. My lips crashed against hers as I pried them open with my tongue. I could taste the sweetness that lingered. I felt her hands touch my chest as I continued to thrust my tongue into her mouth, exploring every inch of it.

I pulled back, reluctantly breaking the contact that I so desperately wanted, needed. Jessica’s hand immediately struck the side of my face as I grabbed it and pushed her back against the wall. Her hands above her head, her chest heaved up and down.

“Don’t act like you didn’t enjoy that, because you did. Your body doesn’t lie, Ms. McAdams.” I placed my erection against her abdomen. “See how hard you make me? One night, Jessica, it’s all I’m asking.”

She pulled herself from my less than tight hold and pushed me away. “Go to hell, Mr. Mitchell.” Before I could say another word, she slipped the key card into the slot and opened the door to her room.


I had everything I wanted in life until one day I lost it all. A career ending injury and parents that turned their back on me, I was determined to make something of myself again.

Until Ryan Jameson walks into my life and changes it. Everything I thought I wanted, everything I thought I knew, was just that-thoughts.

The connection is undeniable, the lust unrelenting. He changes everything…but will it last?


I value my privacy.

I rely on my dominance-on and off the ice.

I believed I had everything I ever wanted or needed….

Everything was fine until she walked into my life.

The connection we have is indescribable; the passion never ending.

I never thought I’d fall again, but I couldn’t get enough.

Now the past I’ve worked so hard to keep protected threatens to tear us apart before we have even begun.

Can we overcome it or will it just be another deflection?


“I’ve been waiting for you to step away.” His deep, hushed tone filled my ears as I inhaled his scent.

“Is that so?” I asked, unable to turn around. He had me pinned against the bar with his body. I could feel the hardness of his muscles against me, including his erection against my ass.

“You feel this too, don’t you?” he asked, his finger now trailing down my arm.


“Good. Ever since I saw you the other day, I’ve needed more. And just my luck here you are.”

“Coincidence?” I asked, not needing an answer. My body was heated, and I could feel the wetness increasing between my legs. He hadn’t even touched me more than running his finger up and down my arm, and I was ready to jump him.

“Maybe, but I don’t believe in those. But I will take it as a sign.” He moved his lips to my ear. “Name, doll?”

“Mac,” I blurted out. The heat from his whisper, combined with the nip of my ear, had me fighting hard to keep my calm.

“Mac. I like it,” he laughed, moving his left hand around my hip and settling it on my stomach. “Want to join me somewhere a little more private?” His fingers ran across my skin, and I could feel the calluses of his fingertips on my tingling flesh.

“Yes.” I didn’t know what this man was doing to me, but my God, I was ready to burst. I was at the point where I would have let him do anything he wanted to my body. I hadn’t felt this much pull toward someone in a very long time. “One condition,” I was able to blurt out.

“Yes?” he purred again in my ear.

“Only tonight.”

“I can’t agree to that,” he said, keeping me faced away from him, his hand now teasing the waistband of my skirt.

“Why not?” I asked, taking in a breath as he moved his hand lower.

“I don’t think I’ll be satisfied with only one night, nor do I believe, by the way your body is responding to me, the way I can smell your arousal, that you’ll be able to walk away after tonight.”

“I’ll be able to walk away. One night – that’s all I can give right now,” I answered back, my brain fucking with my hormones.

“I’ll take tonight, but I promise you it won’t be our last.” His fingers now danced across the front of my soaked underwear.


Ten years.

It’s been ten years since he ripped my heart out and left me broken and destroyed.

Ten years of rebuilding, of moving on.

But do you ever really move on from your first love?

Now faced with the past, how do we deal with the future?


Ten years.

She left me a hollow man. No one has captured my heart since.

Ten years spent focusing on my career and having fun.

That is until she reappears in my life.

Can I convince her to give us a second chance?

“Safeword, sugar.”

“Roughing,” I replied as Colin’s hand slowly ran over my ass. A light swat landed on my right buttock, followed by another light swat on my left. The gentleness of the movements led me into a false sense of security. I knew what was coming next, but I enjoyed the caress of his hands anyway.

Colin pulled away, and I heard the shuffle of the paddle. A moment later it landed across my cheeks.

“Holy mother of Troy…” I hissed out as the first smack hurt like hell.

“Four more, sugar. Be a good girl and take them. You are being punished for your little stunt earlier. Who do you belong to?”

“You, sir. Only you.” It was the truth. Colin held my heart, my soul, and my body.

The second whack hit, the pain radiating outward until the heat turned to pleasure. I didn’t mind being branded by him. He owned me. It was that simple. The third and fourth swats were harder, but by this point I was only feeling my arousal dripping slowly down my inner thigh. I took a deep breath in, my hands gripping the legs of the bench as the final impact from the branding paddle landed on my inflamed flesh.

Colin traced my spine before he applied a cooling lotion on my reddened skin. I cried out as he rubbed the liquid into my ass.

“You did well, sub. I’m so proud of you. Are you going to forget who owns this pussy again?”

“No, sir. Never,” I whispered as I heard the sound of a zipper. I could hear Colin moving around, getting out of his jeans. Then his erection pressed into the split of my ass.

“That’s right, sugar. You belong to me, always and forever.” He positioned himself at my opening. “It’s nice seeing my name across your ass.” He traced over the still-burning letters that obscured the usually white flesh.

“Always,” I moaned as he pushed painfully slowly into my body. His fingers wrapped around my hips. I gasped at the friction of our bodies rubbing against each other as he buried his dick in me.

Paige Matthews resides in Western Connecticut with her husband, two children, and dog. When she is not balancing work, school, and family, she can be found writing her next sexy smut or reading some. A lover of literature and an avid hockey fan, she is usually glued to the TV watching the Rangers or writing about sexy dominant players. She enjoys relaxing with some rock music and an adult beverage! You can keep up with her ramblings at


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