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Chasing December Blog Tour @EMontgomeryAuth #authorinterview

Title: Chasing December
Author: E. Montgomery
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Hosted by: Lady Amber's Tours

When December had had her fill of bad boyfriends, she cashed in her savings and made her dream a reality. She is now the proud owner of December’s Light, the towns first candle boutique. Entrepreneurship has left little time for play – or men – over the last two years.

Chase, the new guy in town, stumbles upon December’s Light while on the search for a birthday gift for his sister. He finds a lot more than the perfect scented candle inside the shop though.

But can December allow her heart to open up to this man after she learns his secret?

Author E. Montgomery was born in Williamsburg, Virginia and raised a hop, skip, and a jump away in Yorktown, Virginia. Paranormal inspiration was easily obtained during her childhood in these colorful towns. This helped to spur her love of Paranormal romance stories, but she also enjoys reading YA and NA.

She is currently raising four children and a husband while elbow-deep in the task of finishing the many books to come out in 2015. You can often find her searching on Google for an appropriate, or sometimes inappropriate, photo to insert in any random conversation. If not on Google, or Facebook chat, she can be found drinking coffee (like any normal writer), eating Gummy Bears, baking fanciful cakes, reading (of course), or writing (duh).
"I always wondered what authors meant when they said that their characters tell them what to write - I get it now!"

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“Well, December, I’m Chase, can I buy you a cup of coffee after work? I just got to town, working on the big building that’s going up in town and you happen to be the first person I’ve met,” he said as he grabbed the Winter Snowflake Collection basket. “This should do, she likes snowflakes.”

“I’ll ring you up at the counter,” I said as I walked around the display case to the register. “Thirty five even is your total, did you want this gift wrapped?”

“No gift wrap today, but I would like that coffee tonight,” he said with a smile so wide it looked like he was posing for a toothpaste ad.

“Um,” I hesitated.

“She’d love to, what time?” Lumi came up behind me wrapping her arm around my shoulders. I was going to beat her as soon as this man left!

“Great!” He exclaimed, never taking his eyes off mine, “I get off work at seven so pick you up at seven thirty? I have to run home and take a shower, I’m with the builders down the road,” He said holding up the palms of his hands, that were in fact pretty dirty.

“I guess a cup of coffee wouldn’t hurt, seven thirty is good,” I couldn’t believe I gave in that easily. He was pretty to look at though; a little eye candy to commit to memory for my lonely nights in bed may not be such a bad idea.

“Alright, I’ll see you then,” he turned and walked out the door and I let out a sigh.

“Squee!” Lumi shrieked as she bounded over to me clapping her hands like she was a two year old that just saw Santa for the first time.


1. You're stranded on an island with one antagonist from any one of your books. Who would you choose and why?
Julian from my Dyphillum Series (Being re-released in March). I would choose him because he is jerkface but he has a heart and he’s funny so that helps.

2. If you were to name your child after any book character, what would you name him/her?
Actually I would have to say Araya…she is a MC in an upcoming secret project!

3. Have you ever gotten a book inspired tattoo? If no, would you? If yes, would you get another?
Technically no, but I do have Amare Aeriter tattooed on both of my wrists, I have always been obsessed with the Latin language and it has filtered into my books here and there.

4. Is there any one thing you seriously can't live without? Air, general food, sleep, and water don't count.
Coffee, I tried to give it up once and thought I was losing my mind…that mistake will never happen again haha!

5. Have you ever reached a point during your writing where you've been so utterly frustrated/drained/ill that you considered giving it up?
Not to the point where I would give up, I could never give up. Even if I didn’t sell my books I would still write them, the characters never stop talking and finding new friends to throw me off with new book ideas.

6. If you were a superhero, what would be your powers and why?
I feel like I should say fight crime or solve world hunger, but honestly my super power would be to not require sleep and be fully energized all the time…reason being, I am a mom of 4 and a pediatric nurse on top of being a writer…hence the giving up coffee fail.

7. What are some traits that you put in your characters that are actual requirements in your own life (if man shopping, that is)?
Laid back, that is my number one requirement. I am a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants type of person with a lil dash of anxiety over everything so I need the calmness to balance me out.

8. Is there a physical trait that most people find unappealing that you actually find sexy?
Hmmm..I don’t think so but it wouldn’t surprise me lol

9. What's your biggest pet peeve?
Repetition, whether it’s someone tapping a pen or taking 4 lefts when driving or just regular daily activities…which is weird because I like a schedule but not a repetitious one! 

10.If you got to choose how you died, what would be your way out?
Eeekk! That’s scary but I would have to be lamesauce and say in my sleep. I’m not an adrenaline junky so I have no desire to die while having “fun”…yes, in my sleep preferably with clean underwear on.

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