Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Last Casket #Review @lwallen

"Only Jack Wallen's vision of the zombie apocalypse could combine psychobilly and horror into a kickass adrenaline-pumping adventure."

"I loved every single moment of the story. Fantastic plot & truly brilliant characters. A different take on the zombie apocalypse scenario - a genre I can not seem to tear myself away from these days. The last Casket is a must read - a tragically humouring & interesting take on Zombie Survival. Hopefully this is not the end of the story and Jack will write more about Kitty & friends and The Last Casket."

"Are you looking for a fun zombie book? Look no further, this is the perfect choice. The writing is quite witty and the book had some killer quotes that made me crack up."

When flesh-melting rock faces off against the undead horde, who will be left standing?

All hell breaks loose, when rock and the apocalypse collide. In this first spinoff of the popular I Zombie series, psychobilly band Kitty in a Casket kick the undead horde's ass with their special flavor of rock.
Follow Kitty and her band to a dive bar in the middle of the apocalyptic landscape and raise your fist as they prove themselves worthy destroyers of zombies, cannibalism, and the Mengele Virus.
It’s Scooby Doo meets Josie And The Pussycats meets World War Z, And I FREAKING LOVE IT!!!! Kitty In A Casket, I mean who wouldn’t love a band with that name. This is an adult horror book without a doubt. The descriptive attributes that Wallen gives is vomit-worthy (but in an awesome kind of way). Even with all the gore, you still get to laugh. The banter between the band and their new found “manager” and safe haven provider is great. When the gang meets Tuque, right away it seems like something isn’t right. I mean Billy the Bat (Awesome name right?) even catches some shady crap happening, but lets it slide. The imagery Wallen paints when the zombies are surrounding the gang’s latest safe haven, The Last Casket, is pure awesomeness. And when Kitty in a Casket rocks The Last Casket with a concert, is when we see just what the world could come to if a zombiepocalypse ever happened. The fact that Tuque goes with the insane idea presented by the local rival Lyle, makes me cringe… It’s nasty just an fyi. It seems like a whole bunch of conspiracy is going on and I want to get to the bottom of it! I need more Kitty in a Casket!! This is a not a read for the faint of heart by any means, but is a 5 star and a must read on my list if you like adult horror and awesome humor.
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 Shy Gal

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