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Personal Possessions #Review **ADULT ADVISORY** @AuthorTracyLee

Trevor McHale has tried to move on from the night that everything he cared about was ripped away from him. Having been in love with Elleny Barker since second grade, TJ comes home from college to find her married to another man…his best friend, Bear Jackson. Moving on has been nothing but a struggle for TJ. Through years and distance from his home town of Richland Georgia, Trevor ends up finding wealth, friendship and lust. But nightmares and visions plague him of a love that he knows deep down is meant to be. Finally giving in, Trevor realizes that the only way to make his life whole again is to recover what was once his and begin life anew. That turns out to be easier said than done.

Elleny Barker-Jackson is not the same girl she was seventeen years ago. Having endured years of abuse from her husband’s hand, Elle has hardened her heart to everyone and everything. Believing that true love means nothing other than a young girl’s fantasy, Elle lives in her memories that she made with the one who will always hold her heart; Trevor McHale. Secrets and lies have been what Elle has built her life on and she is convinced that this life is her punishment for the decision that she made seventeen years ago…

That was until Trevor McHale returned to town. Purchasing the local factory, Elle finds herself working right alongside of Trevor for eight days straight. Not only does Trevor have to convince Elle that their love is alive and strong, he has to repair the damage that has been done to her; inside and out.
Want to know what was going through TJ's mind on everything Elle?

Questions will be answered...Truths will be known and love will be found. TJ is on a mission to get back his Personal Possessions.

(Contains: Adult language, sexual MF participation, some violence and explicit scenes of arousal)

What a Read! There are no words for this book. You get a taste of how one action can change your whole life. In the prologue alone, we witness the sweetness that is Trevor McHale, when he sees Elleny. Then, somehow everything goes to hell. This is the story of Trevor and his life after Elleny. Let me tell you, it’s a hot mess. Sure he gets everything his father ever wanted as far as money and success go, but he is a heartless man. He just goes through the motions, and the women. It’s almost heartbreaking to read his struggle with the life he left behind. It wasn’t just Elleny that he left and forgot, it was his family too. Queue to seventeen years later, Trevor has decided he is sick of waiting in the wings getting secondhand information on Elleny from his cousin, he wants her back. So he heads back home with one goal, and it will be reached no matter the consequences. Unfortunately for Elleny, Trevor showing up causes several consequences. With her marriage to Trevor’s once best friend, being the worst it’s ever been, Elleny needs Trevor gone, and like yesterday. But Trevor has that goal, remember? Well flash forward a few days, and Elleny is working for Trevor in order to keep her job, and keep her boss happy. It’s while working for Trevor, she realizes he is what makes her happy….. Well him and her kids… Which only causes more angst when a troubled marriage and a love that was meant to be, come to a head. Who will come out on top? Elleny’s life depends on Trevor’s love and strength. But will he forgive her biggest deceit in time? This book constantly has you waiting to read what’s next. I read it in one sitting, couldn’t put it down!! It’s a great read and I loved it. Definitely a new favorite read!   

Reviewed by:
Shy Gal


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