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Emily Roberts was done with men! She believed she was content with just focusing on her career. After Adam, her ex, cheated on her with not one but two of her co-workers, Emily fled from her former workplace, forgoing her internship and decided to start anew.

Though her decision to write off love had held up for over a year, her chastity belt would soon be put to the test when Julien Belmont, a French billionaire, takes an interest in her.

In one night, she questions everything she believes and though she is determined that he is no different from the rest, she finds herself in a world wind of affairs, lies and a tug of war between old and new men...

Can she learn to love again or will she flee from Julien, who she admits is the best lover she has ever had?

Julien Belmont is a gorgeous, commanding, and passionate Frenchman who enjoys his freedom. His ever growing sexual hunger makes it so his appetite is never quite quenched. At last not until he meets Emily. One night with her changes everything he has ever believed in.

Will his past destroy his potential future with Emily? Or will the fire between them burn eternal!

Note: This book is the first part of a series and is designed to be read in order.

This book contains erotic content and is not suitable for readers under the age of 18. 


Wow!!!  This novella is a book that keeps you on your toes wanting more.  The sex scenes are HOT!!  Emily is an intern chef that is caught up in a love triangle that is more of a web.  Julian is the vice president and also the son of a hotel chain.  He is Emily’s new flame that has never lifted Emily to the limits that she sees in the bedroom, but she finds out he has a secret that could keep them apart.  Adam, another chef and her ex, come back into Emily’s life pleading for them to be together forever.  Emily is torn on her decision and is uncertain about who she can trust the ex with the past or the new flame.  The ending is one that will definitely leave you wanting more.  I only gave this book a 4.5 out of 5 because Kim needs to take more time editing the book or have a person edit the book that is more experienced.   If she did that, I would have given her a perfect 5 because the material was well written.  I love how she is able to describe the scenes making you feel as if you are there. 

Reviewed by Jenny  


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