Wednesday, November 27, 2013

When the Dead Whisper #Review

Haunted by her past 
Wanted by the dead 
Tracking a killer 

Follow Mia Rushton on her journey to find answers. 

Tattoo artist, Mia Rushton, has never proclaimed herself as normal. She likes being different, even her cat is weird. But when random haunting memories from her childhood won’t go away, she decides it’s time to find out the real reason behind them. 

As she takes her life into a new direction, Mia soon discovers she has new found feelings for a guy she’s been deliberately pushing away for six months. A guy who is now covered in tattoos thanks to her. Ryan Mosier, is persistent, confident, and turns out to be exactly what she didn’t think she needed. 

When things start to slowly unravel around her, she knows she has no choice but to follow the path life has dealt, even if it means following the dead who give her clues to a string of murders that have been happening around the city of Danvers. Will she piece the disturbing puzzle together and find out who the killer is before it's too late or will the killer find her first? 

**Due to sexual content and language, this novel is intended for audiences ages 18+**

I really loved this book. It had many twists and turns like a good book should have. It has a great story line and the charactors blend well with each other. You just never know who is around the corner in your life so its nice to see the surprises. If you want a really good read well then this is the book for you. Dont take my word for it read it for yourself. Happy reading!!!

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