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Title: Origins Series
Author: Jean Booth
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Tour Host: Lady Amber's Tours

Choice (Origins, #1)
It was chance, guided by the hands of a god that brought them together. Would their choice bind them, or be the cause of their destruction?

Natasha never believed that the fairy tales she read to her niece about supernatural beings were real. She read them to give her niece hope. She, herself, had all but given up on love, until the fateful day when she went scuba diving in the Bermuda Triangle and was thrust into a culture of people that’d change her life forever.

On a legendary island, she meets Raif, the shape shifting Warrior Chief of Atlantis, and her soul mate. Their attraction is instant, powerful and foretold by an oracle, centuries before Natasha was born. She struggles with the attraction, unwilling to believe in soul mates, and fraught with the desire to return to the surface where she can continue her monotonous life, free from the intense and confusing emotions she feels around Raif.

All his life, Raif’s searched for her. To have finally found her after so long, is a dream come true. Trouble is; this dream’s more of a nightmare that he can’t seem to find a way out of than the haven it’s supposed to be. His people have become complacent, and her arrival is the beginning of fulfilling an ancient prophesy; a prophesy that not too many are willing to see fulfilled, least of all, his king.

Together they’re faced with the most difficult choice of their lives: doom a hidden, mythical culture to eternal segregation, or sacrifice their love to reunite Atlantis with the rest of the world? 

Do you believe in soulmates?  I don’t mean just on I love this person, I am talking your soul split in half until this person is in your life soul mates. Well Tash believes in soul mates, but in some ways has given up hope on finding hers. She had a great love that ended badly around the same time as her sister did who was pregnant at the time.  So the two sisters bonded even more and became great parents to little Ashlyn(which I love the name for the little girl). Both work as a team to give this little girl a great life.  But even more Tash has a secret she believes in the myths and fairytale creates and she at work trying to create one. Now it is her 30th birthday and she is going to reward herself with a cruise. What could go wrong its just a cruise to Bermuda and a deep sea dive in area with sharks...
Here’s a couple of things that I loved or made me Laugh out loud as you will see with the 1st one.
“You are like a red, red rose, and I’m a little thorny.” The familiar words were
whispered against my cheek and I could smell his mint gum and spicy aftershave. I’d
know that scent anywhere. Couple it with the husky timbre of his voice, and my stomach
was somewhere in the vicinity of my shoes.
“Keith! Oh my gosh!” I exclaimed as I tried”
“What? Oh, I do believe in soul mates. It’s one of the few things I still believe in
from my childhood. I think that it’s our job to find the other half of our soul and connect
for a complete life, however long it lasts. Do you think that even if you don’t believe in
it, it isn’t true?”
“Do you mean”
Well I will leave the rest for you discover. This book is a fast read and fast pace from start to finish. There a couple of twist along the way that I did not see coming and made me enjoy the all the more.  I am getting ready to dive into her new book which I look forward to I highly recommend this book to lovers of the paranormal.  Now if only I could find a guy like she did…..Teal eyes how sexy that would be.  I rate this 5 out 5 stars.

Changed (Origins, #2)

Vampires, Shape shifters, Necromancers, Supernatural Hunters - I sat in awe listening as Stephan, leader of the Vampire clans, told me about their culture. I'm glad he waited until now to tell me. I didn't believe the unbelievable was possible until I was mated to a powerful Shape shifter three months ago. After that, all sorts of crazy things started happening to me.

I've got to say, I'm a believer now.

Poor  Natasha,  one second is out on the her 30th birthday cruise have a good time and maybe rekindling her lost from 8 years ago. One deep sea dive later and her life is forever changed. She made a sacrifice that no one should have to make and gave up her soul mate to return to the land above. She thought that was the end and one day soon they would be reunited. Within days of all this she finds out that her sister has hide the deepest and darkest of secrets from her. That everything she once thought was true is now a lie and even more so that she has the ability to shift into different forms of cats. Not knowing what else to do anymore she turns to the only person she feels she can a Vampire named Stephan. But as we all know things never go as one plans especially when involves a god and 1100 year old cruse of soul mates.

Some of quotes I loved from the book

“I knew my tigers’ body was not a

form I should be in, running as I was; but it was

currently my favorite. I liked the playful

independence of the tiger, the way this body moved

and the coloring of my pelt.”

"So, you're the most powerful being on the planet

then?" I asked, mostly because I couldn't wrap my

head around any of it. He smiled and nodded. "And,

you own a bar?" My eyebrow curled up in confusion,

causing him to chuckle.”

"You should not play with things you do not

understand. I may be your teacher, I may be an

ancient, but never forget that I am always, simply just

a man." His entire body held me captive against the

rough siding. My heart thundered in my chest. I had

no idea what he was talking about.”

I have certainly grew to love Tasha with this book as she is so often called. She reminds me Princess Leia who was my 1st female role model. She is not scared to face down what must be down and still has a heart of gold. She also a very gifted shifter as you will see when you read the book and knows how to get a man’s heart but she is truly mated to her one true love and though temptation and so much more she lets that be her driving force. She has a great amount of character development in this book and I love that. While this world is in many ways like ours of today the focus is not on the world but character drive. Once again Jane Booth has got a 5 out of 5 stars from me and I look forward to book 3 in the series to see where Mrs Tasha takes us next.
Created (Origins, 3)

Four hundred years ago, my life was destroyed. Everything I knew and loved was obliterated as my powers surged for the first time. My family, my home and my life were taken from me, in flames.

I was transformed against my will into an abomination, a dizzien of hell to forever walk the night, a vampire. For four hundred years I've walked this earth, the painful screams of my family a constant reminder of the monster I am.

I've never known love, or the gentle touch of a man. The only respite from the agony of my existence was the three hundred years spent with Stephan. Although, once She came, I was again tossed aside, shunned and ignored.

Never again!

I'm done with being condemned, suffering for the consequences of something I didn't know I was capable of. It's time I lived.

My name is Victoria, and this is my story. 

For just one moment in time all the world was right young Tori had it all. She was the beloved of her village and blessed by the gods. Her future husband was kind and gentle and perfect for her. She was the ones child that all the village would give their life to protect for she was to return them to their rightful place. With just a month before her wedding night Great Evil came to her village and claimed her as his mate. Her world was turned upset down in a matter of minutes and this naive girl would spend the next 100 plus years learning that everything she thought was truth! Wasn’t.! Consumed is book 3 in the Origins series by Jean Booth and takes us deep into the history of what most would thought of as a side character.

Here are a couple great quotes from the book:

“Throughout the seventeen springs of my life, Jacob, my betrothed, grew up with me.

He learned the ways of our tribe and I learned the ways of his, to make the connection of

our battling tribes smoother. Our tribes had a history of warring; with our joining, the

fighting would end. We'd finally know peace.”

"Miña lume, you'll soon learn to overcome pain; to use it to your advantage. There's

loss all around you, all the time. You'll have lessons and become a stronger woman for


"Do not bargain with the fates as you may receive exactly what you ask."

In the 1st two books I never cared for this character there was very little interaction with her and for the most part I thought of her as stuck up and snobby. A girl who given far more than she earned, and didn’t even appreciate her gift. At the end of book 2 I was shocked to see that is more that she loved her Master than anything and did not deal with well with competion.  With this book I gained so much insight in how this poor girl was treated for over 80 years and the way she had to lock he emotions away just to keep a small part of her alive in the real sense of the word. What this girl went though is heartbreaking and all the more so because the man she you know she already loves doesn’t love her back. At the ripe age of 462 she has lived a long time and has a lot to look back on. Now I understand her disdain and behavior and weep for her. Well this book continues the storyline it gives a new point of view and major character knowledge on the character most were likely to over look. I am so happy with this book and cannot wait to finish her journey in book 4. Jean has given me another 5 out of 5 for she has a great style and I found myself lost in the book and struggle of the character.

Consumed (Origins, #4)

For three hundred years I lived with Stephan; learning about the culture forced upon me, growing as a pyrokinetic vampire and healing from Mneseus' century of abuse. Before Stephan's guidance and direction, I was an empty shell. His kindness, compassion and just beliefs showed me that there could be a life without pain. Over time, I learned to love again. Foolishly I believed Stephan and I would be partners, comfortable and content without half-life for eternity.

Then She came and ruined it.

I left them to find a place I could spend the rest of my lonely years. Mneseus' last words reverberated through the centuries, reminding me, I wasn't worthy of love. It would be now, when I finally resigned myself to an eternity of solitude, that I would find it.

Logan was everything I'd ever needed in a man, with one fatal flaw. Could I look past that, risking my heart, my future and his very life to be with him? Was love truly enough?

After a life no one should endure, Tori  was saved by Stephan someone she grew to love. She spent 300 years at his side waiting on him to notice her wallflower who did whatever he asked with question. They she came along and everything changed! She was mated but that did not stop Stephan and Natasha for doing the unthinkable and love each other and let Tori heartbreak yet again because in that second she knew that he would never love her the way she loved him.  Tori sets off on her own, for the 1st time in 400 plus years demined not to be hurt again. But it seems that the fates have other ideas for the only Fire wielding Vampire.

Here are some quotes that touched me for different reasons by the author from this book

“It was funny how the past continued to affect the present. Only in knowing, accepting and embracing our past can one truly be free to live in the present. The only way I could move on with my life would be to finally face these demons, lay them to rest.”

“With that statement, he sliced his wrist, wincing at the sharp bite of the knife as it opened his skin. Blood poured into the empty glass as he held his bleeding wrist above it. My fangs extended and I salivated at the sight of his essence, his blood, pouring from his body. The scent was unlike any I'd ever smelled before. It was coppery, with a sweet tang I couldn't place, mixed with his natural masculinity. It was intoxicatingly wonderful.”

"Man, I'm glad I can still have bacon."

“I don't like seeing people in pain. It actually physically hurts me, so I try to help them believe their pain in order to not feel it around me. Most people get freaked out and leave me. I've had it happen all my life."

“I felt like the Grinch when he finally realized the true meaning of Christmas, my heart expanding until it felt as if it would burst.”

 After years of tourte and heartbreak Tori was rescued and grew to love Stephan, sadly he only saw her as daughter.  Still she belived that one day he would turn to her. But the SHE showed up and everything changed. Still for awhile Tori wanted it to be different and him to love her until the night she saw he love her woman and would never love her. When she sets off on her own I was certain it was to end her life. But instead she meets her mate, and her whole world changes. She dose everything she never thought she would incudleing Stephan’s law to protect her mate. Jean Booth has created a great character as with her others as well. I am looking forward to the next book which release in Nov of 2013. Another 5 out of 5 from me.

Envisioned (Origins, #4)

As leader of the wolves, Auto holds immense power and responsibility. He's Stephan's second, and his oldest friend. In truth he'd give it all up to find his mate, his Alma Xemelga.

Sage was plagued with nightmares of a wolf hunting in the Michigan forests. Drawn to the wolf for reasons she can't understand, she never spoke of these dreams... until she met him.

With Auto's secret in her hands, he wonders, can she accept him for what he truly is? And when he learns of her powerful, hidden talents, will she be able to accept herself?

Convergence (Origins, #5)

Cover Reveal (no other information available at this time) 

This is a teaser book. It is a short but powerful story that fills the gap between the end of Consumed and the next full book in the series, while also letting see more of the Alpha Auto and him finding his mate. From the moment that mean Auto can do nothing but everything wrong it seems, all he wants to do his be his wolf self and mind his own business but find his mate turns his world upside down.  In this very fast pace short story you get blind sighted with something’s and once again a little bit more knowledge of the Hunters, plus a new type of supernatural. You will find yourself cheering Auto on to get it right and claim his mate. 5 stars for me as it gave me just enough to hold out for book 5 in the series to see where all this is leading us.

The Lascivious Transformation

Betrayed by her fiancé to the werewolves, transformed into one against her will and untrained by her maker, Kiera was then turned over to a faction of hunters that worked with the wolves to find a cure for Shifting. Unwilling, Kiera was subjected to an erotic and torturous retransformation into her human state. After all that, would she become human again? Would she ever find a man worthy of her love?

The Lascivious Transformation is 30 page short story that still falls in the Origins series. It very mature content and moves very swiftly. In this book you get a peek inside the Hunters that you have heard about as they try to take a shifter back to her human roots. I feel that the ending was a little rushed and I hope that the author finds a way to return two of the characters to the other books. Even such a short a short story you find yourself carry for the shifter and what she is put though in order to be human again against her will. I understand why she kept it short and why it is not in the other books because it would be totally out place in them.
4 stars on this one for me only because I wanted it to be longer…


JEAN BOOTH lives in Nevada with her husband and cats. When she's not out risking her neck on the back of her motorcycle, she enjoys the more calm activities of reading, gardening, and spending time with her friends and family. She has worked in health care for most of her adult life before deciding to finally share the stories that have been living in her head.
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