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Hard Money #Review @HardNakedTruth

"Something for the Ladies, and something for the Gents. 'Hard Money' has a bit of both. It pulls back the covers and reveals all the naughty bits you always wanted to know about, but were too afraid to ask . . . ."

Hard Money takes you behind the scenes and closed doors at a Sydney brothel, where anything goes, and everything has a price.

This anthology bridges the gap between literature and erotica. Soft enough for a woman, but hard enough for a man, the collection of stories that is Hard Money will entertain, amuse, and perhaps even arouse you.

It is not suitable for children, but is definitely filled with "need to know" erotic information for mature readers.

Hard Money was written by a woman, with a soft-edged, humorous writing style that appeals to both sexes. Pay your fee, step inside, and turn UP the lights . . . you will get your money's worth.

Review - 3.5 Stars
I don't read much erotica. It makes me giggle and I have a hard time taking the characters seriously. Verity Marshall did a good job keeping the giggles at bay with HARD MONEY - The Naked Truth Behind the Red Light. This erotic story is actually a set of shorts inspired by a real life brothel in Sydney, Australia. I sort of expected a story like Memoirs of a Geisha, with a plot and a back story. That's not what HARD MONEY delivers. It is more of a "Day in the Life" sort of book, with stories detailing the brothel, the girls and the clients. It was abruptly realistic and while some of the situations were humorous, many were shocking, a few were disturbing, and a handful were downright gross.

Marshall's writing was solid. The style was more of a documentary but the stories flowed well and the "action" was incredibly detailed. I relished the information about each girl. I found it amazing some of their ages were close to my own, backgrounds and family statuses were varied, and the work environment mirrored a regular industry in many aspects. These personal details made every story feel more realistic. It made the characters easier to picture and relate with and as a result, I found the details an enjoyable part of the book.

My only complaint would be with the terminology. There were several "tricks of the trade" I could not figure out through context. I ended up using the Internet a few times. I very nervously hit search on my browser each time, unsure of what might pop up on my screen. Luckily, everything that wasn't described in the text itself ended up being fairly tame. I learned an incredible amount of wording for male body parts. I only found myself giggling once; I did find myself blushing often.

I give HARD MONEY a solid 3.5 stars and recommend drinking a large glass of Pinot Noir while reading. It will help you relax into unfamiliar territory and folks won't know if you're blushing from the wine or the stories!

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 Brewed Bohemian

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