Saturday, November 30, 2013

Defying Fate #Review @1lola_james

Love… Death… Fate! 

Megan opened her heart and defied her fate for love. Alex wanted nothing more than to be with Megan, no matter the cost. After a vision meticulously unravels her existence it leaves Megan wondering is their love worth death? 

To escape her demise, Megan enlists the help of Emilian, her vampire protector. However, the world around her slips away as his presence melts her, a gaze ignites her, and when he touches her every sensual fantasy plays in her mind. The problem is she has a job to do and she can’t afford to lose focus but he’s the only one that can keep the looming threats away. 

What’s a girl to do? Death is not an option but it may be the only one she has… Continue the fated journey in Defying Fate. 

*This novel contains adult content and is recommended for mature readers.*


Defying Fate draws you in from the beginning, unlike the first book in the series, which I had trouble getting into. In the second book in the series, Megan finds out that love and fate are much more complicated than she ever would have believed. With her sister "gone", Megan must find a way to protect her nephew from a dangerous vampire and someone she thought she loved.

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