Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Animal Within #Review @NatashaAWetzel

The never ending vacation of a powerful but lazy shifter, Convel, is put on hold when unwanted responsibility is forced into his lap instead of the women he is accustomed to. Laws are being broken that threaten the entire community and it is up to him to end it before his people are ended instead. What starts as an annoying chore will grow into an adventure that will test him to his very core. And in the end it may just be a decision in one single moment that awakens the animal within.

Natasha A. Wetzel does it again in The Animal Within. Good continuation of this story of otherworldly beings just trying to live their lives. This installment brings Convel the perpetual joker into the mix. Deep inside hidden from the world Convel has very deep feelings that he refuses to show. Come join him while he fights his inner demons & struggles with his pack responsibilities while learning to trust those around him.

Reviewed by
Bobbi the Book Monster


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