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Small Things #Review @jderouen

It’s a hot June morning in a small Midwestern town when fifteen-year-old Shawn Spencer arrives at the church for his best friend Tanner’s funeral. Though his drowning was officially ruled an accident, Tanner’s sister Jenny swears she saw something rise up from the Carthage Lake to pull the struggling teenager beneath the surface.

Shawn doesn’t believe in monsters… but he will…

The real threat, however, lies in the man behind the monster, a mysterious old man who has vowed to settle an old grudge and regain something that was stolen from him decades earlier. To survive the dark days and nights ahead, Shawn must not only decipher what the man is after, he must move past his own grief, fears, and insecurities, and learn to trust in Jenny, the disgraced town sheriff, and, most importantly, in himself.

The Small Things trilogy spans forty years and three generations in a tale of murder, betrayal, corruption, sacrifice, love, redemption, faith and magic that culminates in a showdown that will pit the very forces of heaven and hell against Shawn and his family in a battle for the future of mankind and the world itself.

Shawn Spencer has been dealt a crap hand. At fifteen, he just lost his best friend to a drowning accident and is trying to understand his feelings of loss when his friends sister Jenny, who witnessed the incident, tells him it was no accident. While Shawn is trying to sort out his feelings for Jenny, he starts unraveling the mystery behind Tanner's death. As the pieces start falling into place, Shawn and Jenny realize the answer lies within Tanner's grave and Shawn's family history. Will the teenagers solve the puzzle before it's too late, before they become victims themselves? A story of love and true friendship will pull you into the depth of basic human needs and instincts. A great supernatural read that will have you sucked into its pages. I enjoyed to the very last page!

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