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Protector of Ter Chadain series #Review @CSYelle

“If the true bloodline does not rule Ter Chadain, the Protector shall appear and reclaim the throne for the rightful Queen.”

King Englewood reads the prophecy every day since he murdered the royal family, all of them. Or so he thought. The three year old twins escaped that night thirteen years ago, but his men are closing in to finish the job before they can turn sixteen and activate the magic spell making his worst fears a reality. A Protector in Ter Chadain and a royal heir with claims to the throne he now held.

Logan and Teah Lassain witness the violent murder of their family and narrowly escape. They now find themselves not only thrust into the revolution, but the keys to the reunification of Ter Chadain.

Bestowed with the powers and spirits of past Protectors, Logan must learn to control both before their memories destroy him. Wrenched with anger and the desire for revenge on the man responsible for decimating his life, King Englewood, Logan must keep to the path of greater good and gather support for the revolution from the dukes and duchesses of Ter Chadain.

Teah is trained by the Zele Magus, an order of sorceresses, to control and accept her newly discovered magical powers enabling her to take the throne. Struggling, she must also ask the question…what happens when there are two Protectors of Ter Chadain? Two Protectors are not foretold in the prophecies…
King Englewood is dead. Logan Lassain, the Protector of Ter Chadain, has cleared the way for his sister, Teah, to claim the throne as the rightful Queen of Ter Chadain and cast out the invading Caltorian forces.

But Teah cannot claim that throne. She is captive on a slave ship sailing to Caltoria with other magical slaves to have their fates decided by the evil Empress of Caltoria. With Logan in pursuit to free her, Teah must keep her identity as rightful Queen of Ter Chadain hidden until she can escape.

As a slave, Teah’s magical powers are withheld from her by an ancient gemstone placed on her forehead called a “soul stone”. The clear gem darkens in color once placed upon a magical’s forehead indicating the strength of their magic. Teah’s stone darkens to a deep black marking her as the strongest magical in Caltoria since her ancestor, the first Queen of Ter Chadain. This draws unwanted attention and puts her future in great peril.

Logan and his small band of rescuers must hurry. Their quest is difficult. The cost is high. New allies are found. Old friends are lost…forever. Risking death at every turn, they rush to rescue Teah. But the only way Logan can save Teah and keep Ter Chadain from falling under Caltorian rule is by not only risking death, but risking something more precious…his freedom.

I read Book 1 and 2 of the Protector of Ter Chadain series by C.S. Yelle. Since I read them one after the other, I will review them together.

In the first book of this series, Reclaiming Ter Chadain, we meet Logan and Teah, twin brother and sister. Life as they know it is quickly interrupted when they find out that they are actually very powerful members of the Lassain family, leaders of Ter Chadain. With Teah slated to become the next Queen of Ter Chadain, and both of them being Protectors, these teenagers are forced into positions of power that they never expected. They are being sought by the current King, Englewood, and his Magical Advisor, Caldora. There is so much build-up and excitement in this book with both Teah and Logan's new positions and all that it entails. There is such a vast group of characters, and we get to know them well. They are all so entertaining in their own way. I was absolutely sucked into this story and was shocked at how it ended. I was thankful that I had Book 2 at hand.

In the second book, the story continues with Teah and her friends in the clutches of an unexpected enemy. Logan's goal to get his sister to the the throne is now intensified. He must first save her and bring her back. Unfortunately, they are all headed to Caltoria, where magicals, such as they are, are used as slaves to the Empress. I thought this book was even more action packed then the first. There were even more people introduced as the plot continued to unfold. Both books were wonderfully written and very descriptive. I cannot wait to get my hands on Book 3.

I give Reclaiming Ter Chadain and Black Stones of Ter Chadain by C.S. Yelle 5 STARS...excellent books!

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Reclaiming Ter Chadain - Book One

Black Stones of Ter Chadain - Book Two

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