Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ghost #Review @WayneBatson

"Fans of Lee Child and Jim Butcher will love this series!" 
—The Underground

Protector and punisher…

Hunter and hunted…

Down-to-earth and otherworldly…

John Spector, aka GHOST, isn’t your ordinary investigator.

He carries a shiny badge, a billfold ID, and a mysterious silver suitcase. His mission? Seek the forgotten ones, the abandoned ones, the ones no one else can or will help. Visit blunt force trauma upon the world’s blackest souls and deny the devil his day by any means necessary. And never stop. Never. 

For more than a decade, the "Smiling Jack" killer has been posting photos of his victims on the Web, daring anyone to catch him, daring anyone to care. But when no missing person files match and no victims are ever found, the FBI closes the case. 

Years later, a digital camera washes up on shore, and GHOST finds it. Each macabre photo becomes a clue that will lead GHOST and FBI Special Agent Deanna Rezvani on the trail of one of the most diabolical killers of this world…or beyond. 

"No one gets away with murder. Not for long."

NOTE: This book is intended for mature reading audiences. The appropriate reader age is: 16+

Absolutely loved this!!! John Spector aka GHOST works to rid the world of evil while helping the world's helpless and forgotten using any means available to him. Absolutely awesome read. Wayne Thomas Batson has been added to my list of "go to" authors for otherworldly, supernatural, paranormal authors. I really want to read more about GHOST! A must read.

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Bobbi the Book Monster


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