Thursday, October 10, 2013

From the Edge of Darkness Short #Review @Kevin_Saito

You are cordially invited to take a trip to the Edge of Darkness. In his first collection of short stories, Kevin Saito presents you with thirteen terrifying and macabre tales that will make the shadows around you seem much darker and the movement in the corner of your eye infinitely more sinister. In "Tending the Flock," you will see the lengths that faith and devotion will drive a man to. "Tiebreaker" shows what happens when your family turns out to not be who - or what - you thought they were. Logic and reason only takes you so far in "Proof Positive" while in "One Shot Deal," you'll discover what desperation really looks like. Terrifying legends, paranormal horrors and the dark depths of human depravity... All of this and more awaits you within the pages of "From the Edge of Darkness." So step up, gaze into the abyss and see if the abyss truly does gaze back at you.

I was truly skeptical starting this book of Horror Shorts. Too many current storylines are too predictable and don't usually hold my interest long. The first short was pretty shocking...then I read the next two. Not real outstanding on my part. But I pushed on and now I'm glad I did! These are well written, typical horror with some wonderful twists. I just couldn't put them down, so it was awesome that they are short! Overall well written, great twists and turns, a few heart stopping hangers. Would read more horror from Mr. Saito!

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