Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Finding Dorothy #Review @AmiChamplain

After battling demons and druids, Dorothy wakes up in a hospital with no memories of who she is or what she has done for her people. Our journey continues as our fairy warriors try to remind Dorothy of who she is and what she means to them before it is to late. 

Will they have enough time to remind her of who she is, so that she is ready to defeat the final threat and break the curse on the women of the O'Duggan family before anymore lives are lost? What will be the fate of Dorothy and her warriors as well as the people of Lee?

My favorite group of fairies returns in this third book in The Fae of Lee series. As the story begins, we find Princess Dorothy (Dy) and her friends in the hospital recovering from injuries that they sustained while kicking butt against Ari's dad and the Druids. An unwelcome visitor arrives and suddenly Dy can't remember anyone or anything. Declan sets out to find a way to break the curse over Dy's family, and restore her memories. We are introduced to Lynna, Declan's childhood best friend, who I absolutely loved. She is just as tough and witty as Dy.

There is more action and more at stake in this book than any of the others. Of course, the story made me laugh, but evoked all kinds of emotion. These books are not complex reading but the writing is very good and the story is well told. I want to read more from this author for sure.

I give Finding Dorothy by C.L. Champlain 5 stars! Another great book!


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