Monday, September 30, 2013

Spring Argyle #Review @E_B_ChristineC

JACOB HAYES is the proud new owner of Willow Reeds only bookstore, The Bibliorest. LIZ ROBERTS, a pharmacy technician and crochet nut, is the woman of his dreams. Unfortunately, Liz has relegated Jacob to the “just friends” category.

Can Jacob win Liz over by being there after her boyfriend betrays her trust, or is he forever doomed to hover at the edge of happiness?

This book turned out to be an adorable light summer read, I could picture myself sitting in a porch swing lounging and reading away. Here you have Liz and Jacob who met through an online dating site. After their date Liz told Jacob that she wished to remain friends only. And although Jacob secretly wished for more, he agreed with her. Every week they would meet for an "undate" where Liz would tell him funny tales of her latest online date. Nothing ever seems to work out until one date, where Liz says maybe there might be more. Jacob in turn decides to finally ask out a very pretty lady who is visiting relatives. Sadly he gets stood up and that was that. Also come to find out that Liz's new beau is nothing but a fake and a liar. Jacob confronts Liz and there the spark ignites. Liz finally see's more in Jacob and decides to give it a chance but bum bumm bum, Liz finds Jacob in what she misunderstood to be a compromising position and runs. Finally, they get their act together and get their HEA. 

Like I said very adorable light refreshing read, great writing and great story. The writing flowed well and kept me very intrigued in the story. Half the time I wanted to shake Liz and tell her to take a look at Jacob. I mean what more could you ask for? He's attractive, smart, funny, caring and he owns a bookstore. A BOOKSTORE!!! That right there is my dream man lol. I was also very excited to see that there were other books in this series and I can not wait to pick them up. 

My song for this book - Between the Raindrops by Lifehouse ft. Natasha Bedingfield.

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