Saturday, September 28, 2013

Soul Mates: Bound By Blood (Fae of Lee, Book 2) #Review @AmiChamplain

Now that Dy and Ari are blood bound, they must travel together to Tuath Aer (North Air) to Ari's father's kingdom. Once there they will try to create a peaceful alliance with his father's people so that they can join together to defeat the demons and druids. Can they convince the father Ari has never known, to join forces with them to protect humans and themselves?

Continue the journey through Ireland, in to the world of Fae, demons, druids, and blood bonds. Will they learn how to use all of their gifts in time to protect everyone they love? Is sharing their special blood really safe for those they are trying to protect, or are they playing with a fire that may burn too hot?

The whole gang is back in this second book in the Fae of Lee series. This time they are heading into the land of Ari's father to unite the Fae in the battle against the Druids. Once again the action was nonstop. The twists and turns took me to places that I didn't see coming. There were surprises around every corner. The wit and humor kept the characters enjoyable. The ending just left me wanting more. I can't wait for book 3.

I give Soul Mates by CL Champlain 4.5 stars. Great stuff!


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