Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Posse #Review @tawdra

Being a widow at the age of forty-four was never in Jude Hawthorne’s plans. After her husband’s death, she’s left with her family’s beach restaurant and two nearly-grown children. The last thing she’s looking for is another chance at love.

However, if her husband’s best friends, the Posse, have anything to say about it, love is just what she’s going to get. The Posse is determined to take care of Jude, and when they decide the best way to do that is for one of them to sweep her off her feet, three begin to vie for her affections. But only one can reach her heart.

In a story of friendship, loss and second chances, Jude will learn her life is far from being over.

I found this story to be a light and sweet read. Here we have Jude, a strong, sometimes feisty and a little heartbroken widower.  Still 2 years after she lost her husband she is still trying to stay strong while mourning the loss of her first love.  Then we have Logan. 1 of the guys from The Posse. The Posse is just a group of 5 friends that have stuck together since grade school. In a way they are all still mourning the loss of Daniel, Jude's husband and one of the honorary members. After a night of drinking they all come up with a plan, that one of the single members will be the one to take care of Jude if she chooses. Little do they know that Logan has secretly been in love with her his whole life. So after some awkward moments Jude and Logan realize that they share the same feelings. It was very sweet to watch the love these two shared grow and become so much more.

 As far as the story goes, this is way different from what I am use to and I can honestly say that although I really never got into it, it still was a good book. Great writing and maybe there was a couple of mess ups here and there but nothing terrible. It truly was a light and sweet read, just a little too sweet for my taste. I did battle with myself on what to give this book, 3 or 4 stars. So after going over the pros and cons and really only finding one con, I gave it 4 stars because it really was a good read.

My song for this book: Distance by Christina Perri ft Jason Mraz

It really took me a bit to get through this book. It just really wasn't something I would usually read. But like I said, it was a really good book. I thought it would be unfair to give it only 3 stars just because it wasn't my style. Thank you!


Reviewed by
Ginni Munchk-N

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