Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Saving Grace #Review by CL Champlain

Every day Dy wakes up in her own brand of horror in a small town where everyone knows everything about everyone. After it becomes clear that her father's anger issues are endangering her family's life, Dy learns something about herself that will forever change her.

Suddenly, her small town life doesn't seem so small and boring,as she sets out on an adventure to discover who she really is.

Join Dy on her adventure, as she tries to be a normal teenage girl, deal with cheer-leading, grades, and a boyfriend. Follow her on her journey, as she enters the world of Fae, druids, magic, warriors, soul mates, and blood bonds.

Will her future be what has been foretold by the seers of Fae, or can Dy rewrite her future, and the future of her family, with the help of her warriors and friends?

I found this book to be more than I expected.  I'm usually not a big fan of mystical reads, but this was definitely an exception.  I loved the small town setting.  It made me feel right at home.  The characters were so fun that I found myself laughing out loud at their quick wit and sarcasm.  The storyline flowed so easily, and I loved the element of suspense as well.  There were some moments of laughter, tears and fear - and some moments that I was so wrapped up in them all that I couldn't stop reading.

I give Saving Grace by C.L. Champlain 4 stars.  It is a really good read!

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Reviewed by
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