Monday, August 5, 2013

Limerence #Review @ClaireCRiley

Limerence - Review
by Claire C. Riley

Reviewed by Jedi Christy

One mans' obsession is so deadly it could destroy them all. Despite her love for her fiancĂ©, Mia Lawrence finds herself inexplicably drawn to Mr Breckt- the mysterious new owner of the Island. Her thoughts are constantly consumed with the handsome and powerful stranger. However, there is much more to him than she realises, something dangerous and supernatural. Mr Breckt is used to getting what he wants, and now he wants Mia, at any cost. With his obsession spiralling out of control, he knows that time is running out. A war is coming. Blood will be shed, and lives will be lost, but he will have to rid himself of his obsession of Mia before it’s too late. Mia and Oliver must now fight the very evil that threatens to come between them. If either of them fails, it will be more than their love for each other that will be lost. Ultimately, all three will have to make a sacrifice that will change each other’s destiny forever. But will it be the right one?

4.75 STARS

Where to begin with such a GREAT book? For most of the book, you know something is building but you truly have no clue as to where it will lead in the end. You will find it so you cannot put the book down. The main female lead is so careful at expressing all her emotions. At times I was not sure who she would choose, but in the end I feel she made the right choice. I see the start of a very smart and new type of series. In some ways, this is the grow -up Twilight I have been waiting for. I find the characters to fully actualize and humanize. Even in the inhumaneness, they are perfect. This book gives you great vampires, smart and witty characters, mystery, and best of all it's a book that was hard for me to put down. In the end, I give it a 4.75 rating.

Reviewed by

Jedi Christy

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  1. I haven't read this one yet, but it is at the top of my list! I love your review of the book! I have had a chance to briefly chat with Claire via email, and she is super nice...that combined with this awesome review makes it so easy to be a huge fan of hers!


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