Friday, August 30, 2013

Fairy Casanova #Review @GracenMiller

Sadie has hit rock bottom. A high-powered attorney on the fast-track to creating a name, she bet everything on one case and lost big. Bankrupt, with her professional reputation ruined, and her fiancé yachting about Aruba with a hot babe, she's desperate for a break from reality. She arranges a one-nighter with a complete stranger through Madame Evangeline's high-end dating service, 1NightStand. A fairy isn't what she expected to hook-up with, but how can she be disappointed when royalty turns into the only king of sex she'll ever want?

In less than a week, Jace is about to become king of the fairies, but he's enamored with humans. Before his coronation, he wants to fulfill his sexual fantasies in the human realm. With a limited timeline, he schedules a liaison with a stranger through Sadie intrigues him with her competing reserved and salacious vibes. After a night of stellar sex, Jace offers Sadie a permanent place in his life as his queen. Will she forfeit her life in the human realm to accept his offer?

Let me start by saying that I love the 1 Night Stand series. I think every book I have red from that series has been great.

Ok so here we have Sadie, who's life has basically went to crap overnight. She took a gamble with her job and like in Vegas, you win some, you lose some. Let's just say she lost, big time. Not only that her POS fiance ran off with another woman. So she finds out about a famous 1 night stand service and goes for it. And in walks Jace, the poor guy seems to have his own dilemmas. The guy is about to become the King of the Fae in Fairyville(yes I had to giggle at the name) and he would like his last night as a free man to be spent with a human woman. They are both pleasantly surprised and quite pleased with the match up. After some questions, confession and a little I'll show you mine, where the he shows her his wings, they are off to the races. Well bed races that is. With some very interesting sex and yes he uses his wings on her, they both come to realize they want more than one night. But with his situation, that can never happen. Until a loving shoulder kiss where he unintentionally marks her as his mate. Then he leaves her to choose to meet him in his kingdom or go on with her life in Vegas. Which should she choose?

This was a hott sexy interesting read and I dare say this author has yet to disappoint me. With a great story line, some hot yet odd sex and fun characters I would definitely recommend this book to others.

Song for this book- One In A million by Aaliyah

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Reviewed by
Ginni Munchk-N

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