Saturday, August 31, 2013

Divisive & The Fifth Game #Review

The Connors are your All-American dysfunctional family. Carolyn, the matriarch, is a hard-drinking single mother with no desires to be a 'sitcom mommy." Elizabeth, her seventeen-year-old daughter, is a Goth dressing, snarky teenager who lives to protect her baby sister and to find love. Precocious Emily, twelve, is the peacemaker of the family saddled with issues of her own. Enter Dennis Rask, a charming rogue who insinuates himself into their family and brings them together as a self-appointed messiah - becoming loved by Carolyn, idolized by Emily, and accepted with reservations by a suspicious Elizabeth. Little do the Connors know, Rask has united three families before them, with every unit destroying themselves from within by his hellish machinations. Rask views the Connors as a hobby - a game - which has left no survivors in the past.

Divisive starts the reader off at the end of their story. Detective Frank Bostick attempts to unravel the reasons behind a tragic event in the Connors house, resulting in a 'supposed' death, a 'questionable' overdose, and a brutally 'perceived' attack of Rask by one of the members. Switching back between the past, and the present, Divisive ensnares the reader in a thriller that goes back several years in the life of Dennis Rask until ending in a grim battle for the soul of the one he has hand-picked to be his 'Queen."

Dennis Rask has found the newest family to garner his wrath and he's seduced Elizabeth Connors into joining him. While he manipulates Clarissa Gravelle in an attempt to send her to Hell, Elizabeth has been charged with sending her twin son's to the same fate. Will she succumb to the dark forces driving her lover, or will she redeem herself in time to save her soul?

Originally, I was only going to review Divisive, but after reading it, I immediately bought The Fifth Game. I will review them together as they are book 1 & 2 in a series. So here it is...

Dennis Rask is a self-admitted twisted man. Twisted doesn't even begin to describe what direction this story takes. There is so much action and insanity that I was overwhelmed - in a good way. The books were so well written that even with a huge cast of characters, I never felt lost. Every detail was so well explained and I loved every sordid moment.

This is not a tale for the faint of heart. It contains some major intense elements. It is like an X-rated episode of Criminal Minds on steroids. Once you start, you will not be stopping until the end.

I give Divisive and The Fifth Game by John (JD) Tucker 5 stars! WOW! 

Reviewed by
Rockin Robin Reader

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