Friday, August 16, 2013

All Grown Up #Review @SadieGrubor

All Grown Up
by Sadie Grubor
Reviewed by Rockin Robin Reader

"I was fourteen when it happened. The day the Mackey’s moved into the house next door. The day that changed my life, as much as it was, forever. A tiny, blonde girl standing on my doorstep would be the beginning of the craziness which became my life. This girl became my best friend, my confidant and side kick. She also introduced me to the love of my life."

Chloe, a computer and gaming nerd, hides behind the scenes in school and keeps to herself. Mina enters her world like a hurricane, helping her find herself and introduces her to Leo, Mina’s gorgeous older brother. Chloe instantly developed a crush, but knows he only sees her as Mina’s best friend. Or does he?

Leo, graduating high school and trying to figure out what to do with his life, becomes immediately mesmerized by a gorgeous, tall brunette, dancing like she hadn’t a care in the world and laughing without restraint. Dumbfounded to find out this amazingly beautiful girl is Chloe, Mina’s best friend. He fights against his desire, determined he and Chloe cannot be together. But how long can you fight against true love?

All Grown Up is a laugh out loud, heartwarming and heart breaking tale following the lives of Chloe and Leo and all of their misfit friends. Through long distance and separate paths of life, can true love prevail once you’re all grown up?

I loved the blurb for this book and was so excited to read it.  It is really written differently than any other book that I've read.  Although it is told from two different characters' points of view, I feel like it was coming from many more people.  The book is a good mix of personalities.  The supporting characters play a big role in the entire book and are very detailed, which I loved.  Some parts seemed to drag out a bit, while some seemed to speed through.  I'm glad I gave it a chance, though, because I liked the middle to the end of the book a lot.

I give All Grown Up by Sadie Grubor 3.5 stars. It was a good, fun read!

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Reviewed by
 Rockin Robin Reader

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