Sunday, July 21, 2013

Dracian Legacy #Review @pkanaparti

Dracian Legacy - 4.5 Stars
By Priya Kanaparti
Reviewed  by Jedi Christy

I cannot begin to name the ways I loved this book.  I felt drawn into this world with the first couple sentences and at no point did it like me go. After the last 2 books that have been A+B=C, this book was perfect for me to fall into. Thank you, Priya, for the chance to review the book for you. 

Now onto the meat of the review. So to speak, this book feeds you just enough information at a time. Often times, where I thought the author was taking the book ended up totally different. I love the main female character and her no-nonsense Buffy fighting style of things, while still being totally insecure in herself and full of female doubt. Even at the end of what I hope is just book one, I am still not a 100% sure of which 1 of 2 people is the true hero in all this, which I personally find very refreshing.  I would put my money on Alexander but this author has surprised me in this series already, so who knows?  I would say if you are into the YA fantasy and action world, this is a must check-out book. I would give her 4.5 stars and look forward to book 2. Please let there be a book 2!


Reviewed by
Jedi Christy

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  1. Hi Parasupernormalism! Thank you SO much for taking the time to review my book! And Christy Many many many thanks for taking the time! I'm so glad that you enjoyed the book. And to answer your question, YES, I have 2 full length books and a Novella in Dean's POV planned for this series! I'm hoping to have this entire series completed and published by 2/2015! Again, thank you for reading and writing a wonderful review :)


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