Monday, May 20, 2013

The Seventh Layer Cover Reveal PLUS GIVEAWAY!!!

Although the new cover to my debut novel has been live online for about a month, I never officially made any announcement about it. So today, Lady Amber's Tours and around 50 other bloggers are helping me celebrate the redesigned cover today! (Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom for a giveaway)

I want to take a moment to specially thank all my fans for your constant support and encouraging words. I also want to thank Amber for her unwavering friendship, both on a personal and professional basis.

Welcome to the NEW look of The Seventh Layer!

Compare to the original cover...

I still have some print editions with the original cover art, as well as errors within the manuscript that have since been fixed. These copies cannot be purchased any longer, and are considered limited edition. There are only a few left! If you're interested in obtaining one SIGNED, please contact me here. This is a first come/first serve basis! Get them while you can! Only $10.50 (s/h included)!!!

The Seventh Layer is also available in several ebook formats for ONLY $.99 24/7/365!
Available Worldwide on Amazon. Check your local Amazon website.
Find more info at my website or on Goodreads.


  1. The romantic family bad boy. Not much for the terror. Thanks

  2. I think i would all the above rolled into one. The sexy family man, the persuasive romantic, the bad boy, or the human terror.

  3. My favorite type of male is an Alpha male that is also a great family man. But also to give his mate a say in all they do - true equality in a relationship is a true turn on!

  4. i like them all, but slightly partial to the bad boys!

  5. In books I tend to like the bad boys that are really family men underneath :)

  6. Definitely the sexy family man!


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