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Review of Pawn (The Nightmares Trilogy #1) by Sophie Davis

Review of Pawn ( The Nightmares Trilogy #1) by Sophie Davis

I have previously read, and reviewed, the Talented series by this author. I wasn't sure what to expect from this book when I stared it as it was so different to the Talented books. Even after a few chapters I still wasn't sure about it. To say I'm glad I stuck with it is an understatement. This book is the start of a trilogy which is shaping up to be one I will definitely be recommending.

Endora Lee has just turned 18. She is having a surprise get together with her friends when something happens, and she sees things she can't explain. She also meets Kannon, who appears as if from thin air.

Kannon seems to know things about her, and he begins to appear to Endora in her dreams.

Endora starts to have visions, some of which come true. She also has dreams, which become nightmares, and has a sense that something is going to happen, something bad.

Endora's dad has been away from the family for years, but always calls on her birthday. This year is different though, and in trying to find out what has happened to her father she meets the owner of a local eaterie, Henry Haverty, who knows him.

Through this chance encounter Endora eventually finds out a lot more about her father, herself, and what it was that made him leave. She delves deeper into her background, and her father's life as well, and discovers a lot more than she dreamed of. What she finds out about herself shocks her, but she tries to accept it and find out more.

She has help, along the way, from her best friend Devon and Kannon, who she becomes much closer to.

I liked that this story was different to others of the same genre I have read. The mythology behind the story is good and drew me in. The writing is good, as I have come to expect from this author. It is also totally different to the authors other series. This is a story about destiny, and in particular the ability to change a predetermined destiny.

Endora and Kannon have quite a journey ahead of them, and I cannot wait to see what happens to them. I was already a fan of Sophie Davis and this series looks set to strengthen my love of her stories.

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