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Review of Innocent Monsters by Barbara Doherty

Review of Innocent Monsters by Barbara Doherty

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Due to the content of this story it is an adult fiction book, not for young adults.

The author of this book contacted me via my Facebook page and asked if I would read the first chapter of this book, with a view to reviewing the book itself. The first chapter, albeit hard to read due to its content, made me agree instantly to read the book.

Jessica Lynch is an author, she writes about what she knows, which doesn't make for easy reading. Her sister Kaitlyn dies suddenly, and Jessica's life is thrown upside down.

Jessica is struggling with her sisters death when along comes William Blaise, seemingly out of the blue, with an offer she cannot refuse. Is the meeting a coincidence though, or something more?

Jessica and William become friends, leading to them becoming lovers. But both are damaged, both have secrets.

The reader learns a little more about the childhood stories these two went through, but Jessica and William themselves are not aware of quite how similar their early lives were.

Throw into the mix Jessica's editor, Roger Wither, and a policeman looking into Kaitlyn's death, Charles Brown.

Jessica and William struggle through, spending more and more time together. However, on meeting Jessica's friend Lisa, William pulls away a bit, puts distance between them, and stays away.

Lisa speaks to Jessica about William, and from then on in the revelations as to what exactly happened to Kaitlyn shocked me. I honestly didn't see it coming, had no clue as to where the story would go. The author did very well hiding it until the precise moment she shared it.

This author first wrote the story when she was just 16, and she wrote it in Italian, which is her first language. Later she decided to translate it, and Innocent Monsters was born!

This isn't an easy book to read, not for the book itself, but due to the type of story it is, and the previous lives of the main characters. But it is a well written, well put together story which comes together extremely well.

It is not the kind of story you can pick up and read a little at a time. It is a story which draws you in, makes you want to know what will happen to the characters.

I am impressed that this is a first novel from someone who wrote it when she was so young, and whose first language isn't even English! Grammar is very important to me, and I could find no problems whatsoever in her writing within this book.

I look forward to seeing more from this author, one to look out for in the future.

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