Sunday, March 10, 2013

Gabriel's Light Tour

*Saunters into the room* After having a…fun time….over at Kharisma’s blog, I’m happy to be here today. Dang Xander almost made me late, but despite Dakota’s directions, and his wandering hands, I made it. *pulls out a huge chocolate bar* But before I get into the reason I’m here and drive our host, Rachel, just absolutely insane with my antics, I have a present to give her. A huge chocolate bar from my slave…I mean author. Dakota thanks you very much for allowing me to run rampant on your blog. *hands it over with a bow*

Okay with that out of the way, today is the third stop on mine…err Dakota’s Gabriel’s Light Book Tour. I’m supposed to pimp…I mean talk about Gabriel and Zhenya and how much fun Dakota had working with them…*leans closer* But that’s not how I roll. And if you caught me at my two previous stops you know I’m anything but normal – I have to be to keep up with her lifestyle. *plops down cross legged* I’m more about hunky men, hot sex and the pretty shiny things Dakota keeps trying to give away. Which reminds me. If you see a huge hunky guy with a limp coming in – warn me. That’d be Jude, another one of the characters from Dakota’s Doms of Chicago, and considering I left his Mistress holding the bag at the last stop to go play, he’s probably pissed at me.

Now moving on to the first item of ‘business’. *rolls Wartenberg pinwheel across thigh* I promised I’d tell everyone about Gabriel and Zhenya. Well, as you can tell they are MIA right now. Lucky wenches are touring Greece at the moment with their daughter, Sophie. *purses lips* Well, she’s not actually Gabriel’s daughter, but I’m sure there’s an adoption in the offing if I know Gabriel. No, sweet little Sophie’s dad actually died whoring himself out….*looks surprised at the gasps* Well, what would you call a man who screws around on his wife, and manages to get himself killed in the process?

*clears throat* Well, this book isn’t about Ossie, well at least not directly. Nope, this book is all about how two lost souls find their way back into love….*hums a few bars* What? You never seen the movie Music and Lyrics? It’s a damn good movie…Hugh Grant is to die for! But enough of this nonsense, I want to talk about the grand prize and giveaway, but Dakota will lock away all my chocolate if I don’t do at least tell you what Gabriel’s Light is about. *sighs* Okay here’s the plot in a nutshell, hero looses his first girl-friend, heroine looses her hubby while pregnant, she comes stateside and has baby with hero’s help, and as they say - the rest is history…*stops at the glares* What? Oh that’s not what you wanted?

Fine. CLICK HERE. You can find the official blurb, excerpt, and some buy links for the book. I’m not the author, dang it, I’m just the muse. I’m supposed to have the ideas, not the words. Now can we move on to the giveaways? No? Okay I’ll give you a few minutes to read. *rolls pinwheel up arm*

“What’s this I hear… you’ve been swiping things that aren’t yours, Lass?”

Amery! Oh My God!! You’re here! *jumps up, tucking the pinwheel inside the lacing of her corset* Folks, this is Master Amery Alistair, another character from Dakota’s Doms of Chicago series. He’s normally in Ireland. *hugs the older man* What are you doing here? Did you bring Myrna with you? Dakota told me you weren’t going to make it to the States any time soon.

“Well, a little birdie told me, Dakota let you loose on some poor unsuspecting hosts. So I thought I’d make a trip over to see what mischief you’d gotten into. Imagine my surprise when I didn’t even get unpacked before Olivia called me.” He crossed his arms over his chest.

*pouts* She’s a stick in the mud. I was just havin’ fun and doing my job. *perks up* Why don’t you help me? After all you like this stuff and you know how to use it. *gestures to basket*

“Aye, it’s a wonderful basket. Lotions to rub on the skin, a scarf to blindfold or restrain with, candles for wax play, hmmmm, massage oil to make your favorite person all slippery. Definitely will have to try that one. That author of ours has some pretty wonderful ideas.” *holds out hand* “Cough it up.”

*Widens eyes in attempt to look innocent* What?

“That look doesn’t work when Myrna does it, what makes you think it’ll work when you do it?” *wiggles his fingers* “The pinwheel, Livvy. Or do I need to tell Myrna on you?”

Fine. *hands it over* Spoilsport.

“Tell you what, I’ll buy you one if you tell the readers how they can be entered to win?”

*jumps with glee* Sure I can. It’s easy. Leave your comment and email addy at the bottom when you enter your comment …to try to win today’s prize. Dakota will draw the winner of the daily prize tomorrow, but all the entries get a second chance to win the grand prize on March the 23rd.

“And?” *taps his foot*

*scratches head* And what?

*sighs* “What is today’s e-book …. You know…the daily prize?”

Oh…..that! *smiles* Today’s prize is your book, Master Amery. *giggles* So for your chance to win His Christmas Gift: Myrna’s Submission, just leave your name and addy for my slave.

“You know she’s gonna kill you if she realizes you’re referring to her as your slave, Livvy.”

*smirks* Well it’s the truth.

“And the fact you’re running around doing her work for her?”

Ah…well damn, you got me there. Speaking of which, it’s time for me to take off. I have another blog to hit up. *fishes out another slip of paper from her corset* So join me tomorrow for another chance to win over at…Makayla's Book Reviews. *looks at Amery expectantly* Now about that pinwheel you promised…

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  1. Thanks for putting up with my muse, Ms. Rachel.

  2. Enjoying the blog hop. Starting to really like your muse.


  3. Dang Girl! Love Master Amery and of course everyone else in the gang.

  4. Loving this blog hop! I am definitely going to have to get all of this series :)
    And, I think I want to be a muse, Livvy is having a lot of fun!
    manning_J2004 at yahoo dot com

  5. I love Livvy!

    smurfettev AT gmail DOT com

  6. I can't wait to meet Master Avery! Livvy your awesome on this tour!

  7. Fun post



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