Friday, January 18, 2013

Three Free Chapters - Natalie Hancock

Natalie Hancock has quickly become one of my favorite authors. It's not because she's a friend, but because she has built a fantastic world in her Cursed in Darkness series. I read the entire thing in less than two weeks and have been dying for more! Lucky for me, she's come out with the first book in the World Of Darkness series, which is directly connected with the first series. If you like vampires, dhampires, shifters, spirits, angels, and so many more of those paranormal creatures, with a nice steamy pile of erotica, you'll love Natalie's books. Go grab your copies now! Or, read the first 3 chapters of Eternal Darkness, book 1 of the Cursed in Darkness series FREE! Follow the link below to start reading. BEWARE: you WILL get sucked in (no pun intended).

Natalie Hancock: Eternal Darkness - The First Three Chapters

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