Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Review: Ember's Curse - A Prime Wolf Novel

Ember's Curse - A Prime Wolf Novel
Ember's Curse - A Prime Wolf Novel by Gena D. Lutz

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ember's Curse is absolutely enthralling! The voice of Ember is so easy to read, you feel like you're taking an her shoes!

I love the paranormal ideas behind Ember's Curse. There are so many of the loved, traditional creatures that have been created throughout history, but Gena has added her own personal touch to the concept of their existence. There's enough intriguing detail provided in the explanation of their makeup to be captivating without breaking the threshold into overpowering. Gena manages a beautiful balance in this story, drawing pictures with her words that help you "watch" the story unfold, all the while gripping the edge of your seat with a white knuckled grip. I laughed, sometimes hysterically; I cried, both in sadness and with joy. I cursed right alongside Ember and her mates, and mentally high-fived her countless times.

Ember's Curse is a breath of fresh air, brimming with action, love, mystery, and suspense. Don't forget the pinch of comedy. With realistic personalities in a world only found in a good book, Ember's Curse will not disappoint.

A special thanks to Gena for allowing me the opportunity to traipse about in her mind through this story. It was a grand pleasure to share in this little piece of her exposed soul.

~Rachel A Olson, ParaSuperNormalism, Author

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