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Kelli McCracken Interview: Dylan and Layne

I'm so excited to have Kelli here this week with Dylan and Layne in tow. So many of us have fallen in love with these two men, and it's a privilege to have this opportunity to get to know them a little more intimately. I hope you all enjoy this interview they've all so graciously agreed to do for us!

First things first. Heaven's pregnant! EXCITING! Dylan, any comments on becoming a father?


I’m…astounded. I mean, finding Heaven was a miracle. The journey we’ve been on is amazing. Now this… (big cheesy grin). I’m excited. I’ve always wanted to have kids. The baby isn’t even here yet and I already love it with every beat of my heart. I wanna be the best dad I can be. Nothing like my sperm donor.

Are you concerned about the gifts your child will have due to your and Heaven's abilities and connection?


I’m not so much concerned as I am curious. My gut says it’s something special. Heaven has extraordinary abilities. I think mine are pretty cool, too. And our parents have some wicked powers. So he or she will be pretty gifted. It’s no secret that the pregnancy has given our connection a workout, but there are moments when I can…well, I better not say anything else. Just know that I know things about the baby that Heaven doesn’t yet. It’s good.

Do either of you feel Faith will be any kind of threat for Heaven or do you think she will fall out of the picture? Or will she come through for Heaven in her hour of need? 


(Layne) I like to think we’ll never hear from her.

(Dylan) And I don’t think we’ve heard the last of Faith. She’s Heaven’s triplet. I don’t care how screwed up she is, Heaven loves her. Something is up with Faith. I just haven’t figured out what. I have a feeling it’s pretty big. If she actually comes through for Heaven, it will be a first. I’m not saying she won’t, but—

(Layne) She won’t. She’s too stuck on herself. (mumbles-bitch)

Layne, how are you handling the whole fiasco with Faith? We know your feelings ran deeper than even you were willing to admit.


Yeah, I think they did. More so than any of the other women I’ve been with. None of that matters, now. Faith made her decision. She has to live with it. I hate her for what she did to me. If Heaven hadn’t told me the truth…

I’m not the heartless bastard she thinks I am. If the baby had been mine and she’d kept it, I would have taken care of my kid. I don’t know that she and I would have stayed together. Especially with everything that’s happened. Not just between us, but with Dylan and Heaven. I don’t know if I’m meant to have a relationship.

Layne, how do you feel about your new role change? In book 1, you were a rock star that had the media and many women after you’ve taken on a bodyguard role that requires you to be close to do you plan to mesh the two roles? 


The media and women still want me. That hasn’t changed. The only thing that has changed is me. None of that stuff is important anymore. Regardless if I play in front of thousands of people, or just a few, I’ll always be a musician. But, until we can figure out who is after Heaven, I don’t think music will factor into our lives. Not on the scale that it has in the past. It can’t. I wish I could tell you more.

As far as protecting Heaven… (shrugs) It’s what I was created to do. I guess in a sense I feel like I have a purpose now.

How did you two meet and become such good friends? 


(Dylan) We were neighbors. Our moms used to get together when we were little and let us play. When we were old enough, we did it on our own. I can’t recall too many memories that don’t include Layne.

(Layne) Yeah. We got into a lot of shit together. We still are.

Dylan, you and Layne have been friends a long time... Can you handle the way he feels for Heaven? I know he is her protector, but it goes deeper with him and I think you know it too!


(Watching Layne fidget in his chair) You’re not the first person to ask me that. I know he cares about her. To what level, I don’t know. He said his feelings are platonic. I have to trust in his word. I hope it’s the truth, because Heaven is bound to me. Nothing can change that. I don’t want him losing it like my dad did.

To be honest, a part of me knows that if he has feelings for her, it means he cares about her almost as much as I do. So he’ll do everything he can to keep her safe. I have to accept his role in her life. As long as he fulfills his duty and respects the right boundaries, I can handle it.

Layne, what draws you to Heaven? Don’t you want to seek what Dylan and Heaven have instead of falling for her?


First off, know that I’ve been going through a lot with Faith and our breakup. It’s caused me a lot of confusion and made me do things that I…regret. I can’t explain what draws me to her. It’s just this feeling I get in here (points to gut) when I see her. Or think of her. I’d give my life for her. Would take a life. Have taken a life… It’s part of who I am. A Keeper. She has to be the most important thing to me. That’s why I said that I don’t think I’m meant to have a relationship. I wasn’t born to love. I was born to protect.

Do you think your relationship with each other will be mendable?


(Dylan)We’re working on it. (gives Layne a quick glance) There’s definitely tension between us. He kissed my girl. Trust me, I want to hate him, but for some reason, can’t. He’s always been here for me. I know he was going through hell when it happened, so I’m doing my best to forgive him.

(Layne) He’ll come through. He loves me too much not to get over it. (deflects a punch from Dylan)

How well is everyone holding up with all the craziness your mom and Heaven's parents dropped on you?


(Dylan) We’re dealing. Some days are good. Some aren’t. Imagine asking yourself the same question if you found out everything we have? It’s hard to wrap your brain around something like that. Layne and I have gone from superstardom to superpowers. It’s nuts. I think Heaven is struggling the most. Between reading energy and suffering with morning sickness, she hasn’t felt well.

For Layne... What are you going to do different so you don't turn into Dylan's crazy dad???


Just be me. I’m nothing like that whack job. He’s the one that gave into darkness. All because he couldn’t do what he was meant to do. Me…I’d do anything for Heaven. Even if it meant walking away from her for the rest of my life. I won’t do anything to hurt her. Ever.

Is there a plan in motion on how to deal with the inevitable threat that has arisen outside of Dylan's dad?


(Layne) Right now, our main focus is on protecting Heaven. We’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe. Even if we have to disappear for a while. I’m coming into my abilities. I’d show you a little trick, but I’m afraid of the damage I might cause. Like I said, I’m coming into these abilities. They are far from perfect.

(Dylan) My mom and Heaven’s parents are doing everything in their power to find out who is behind the threats. I still think all of this leads back to my dad, but we’ll see. I can tell you this much. When you read the next book, you’ll be meeting some new people with peculiar gifts. More revelations are coming to light, so be prepared for another roller coaster ride.


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