Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekly News: Writerdom

It's Monday. A day after my usual blog day. I'm a slacker, I know. Actually, Jessie and I made such incredible progress on Love During Death that I decided to take a step back, away from the craziness that is writing. Aside from the very ending of LDD, Jessie pretty much finished writing last night. All that really needs to be done is editing and then on to beta readers before the big release day! Pretty exciting! It's been a long journey and I'm glad we're almost done.

This last week, I finally got my hands on Impulse by Dannika Dark and What the Heart Needs by Kelli McCracken. LOVE those ladies! They're not only fantastic authors, but wonderful women. What a journey this has become, getting to know other writers on a more personal basis. Next up: Binding Secrets by my girl, Lisa Logue. It should be out tomorrow and I've seriously been harassing her about getting it done so I can read it. This world of fiction we're all a part of is definitely something to crave!

For the month of November, the goal is to finish editing LDD by no later than the last week of the month. We'd like to have our betas ready to read by then so that we can have the last week of December to finalize our edits and get the formatting done as well. It needs to be submitted for publication (Kindle version) the day before to ensure its availability on the 1st of January. Happy New Year to us!

As much as I enjoy Christmas, this is a really crummy time of year. My finances hurt the most, especially since my son is still so young and I want him to have everything he's ever wanted. What mother wants anything less for their child(ren)? Regardless, it's still my favorite time of year...partially because tax season is slow close! ;)

By the end of the week, Jessie will be here for another visit and some girl time. It's been too long since she and I had the chance to go out and be us again, so I'm hoping to be able to line up a sitter for one night this weekend. My mom will be out of town visiting my brother, so I doubt my dad would be up for it. *sigh* Single parenthood.

Just a heads up: Love During Death is now on Goodreads. If you're a Goodreads member, go add it to your TBR list! It's a good way to be reminded that it's coming out soon. Don't forget to keep up to date on all the details on my fan page on Facebook, or on Twitter. Have a good week, stay out of trouble, love like there is no tomorrow.

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