Monday, November 26, 2012

Holiday Jargon

I ended up skipping a week of blogging to have a "me" day/weekend. I had a "date", the first in 8 months and really enjoyed the day.

So what's new here in Rachel's little world? Well, Jessie and I officially have LDD off to our beta readers. One more month and it'll be published! I'm trying not to get excited yet, but I'm not entirely sure how well that's working. I also broke down and got a new phone...and it's smart! Now I have the work at my fingertips, so if I'm away from my computer or Kindle, it's okay! I love it and am excited to see how it'll help me keep in touch with the world while I'm out enjoying life.

Who had a wonderful Thanksgiving? Mine was nothing spectacular, but relaxing nonetheless. My one goal every year is to enjoy the holidays, even if it means taking a step back from the usual routine of hurry up and wait. It seems like our holiday group gets smaller and smaller each year, but that's because my family keeps growing. My brother and his wife had a baby a little over a year ago, and that eliminated them from the festivities last year. So far, they haven't made it back this way since early July, and I have no idea if they intend to come for Christmas or not. Their latest news: they're expecting again! So, it could definitely be awhile before they become a regular part of the holidays here again.

I'm strongly considering a move in the next year. The town I live in is small. Too small for my tastes, and I never intended on staying here as long as I have. I love my parents to death and I know my son enjoys being this close to them, but I need my space...and my bigger city life. I've decided that if I actually make the move, it won't be far and it'll be to a bigger city with more opportunity and a better college. Next year would be a good time, too, because Taylor will be about ready for school and I'd rather not move after he's already started and made new friends. It's still a bit too early to know for sure, but it's definitely something I'm looking in to.

Coming soon: character interview with Kelli McCracken! I'm pretty stoked about this opportunity. Kelli is one of my favorite authors and has expressed her interest in having a character interview right here on ParaSuperNormalism! I'm excited to see how it all turns out!

What I've been reading: I just read the available 6 books of Natalie Hancock's Cursed In Darkness series. I haven't written any reviews for it, and I'm not sure I can! I wouldn't know what to say, other than it's AMAZING! Book 7, the final book, comes out the 1st of December! Check them out.

Well, I have a little boy that fell asleep in the car on the way home, and has been sleeping on the couch until now. He's crabby and sleepy and I seriously need to get him to bed before all hell breaks loose. Enjoy your week, stay out of trouble, don't do anything I wouldn't do! ;)


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