Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Editing Maniac

It's Tuesday, which means I'm late once again! I've been suffering another cold, and my brain hasn't been functioning at full capacity. I did manage to get a solid 11 hours of sleep last night, and I've been feeling pretty good today aside from a light cough and minor congestion.

That being said, I've just finished round one of chapters 6-12. I've yet to implement the changes for chapters 1-5. Yes, it's a bit backwards, but honestly I did the easier half first. When Jessie and I first started writing LDD, we were both really rusty...and it shows. I'm hoping to have all changes done sometime tomorrow so we can begin phase 2 of editing and have everything done by no later than the 26th of November so we can pass off to our beta readers. Time is passing faster than I can keep up with!

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This last weekend, Jessie was here for a visit. We had a great time, despite the fact that I was fairly miserable. I had taken some Mucinex on Saturday and felt like I was on speed most of the day. Darn drug hypersensitivity. Nonetheless, I'm pretty sure Jessie found it highly entertaining. We always laugh a lot together.

I've gotten Jessie started on the Mageri series by Dannika Dark and she constantly texts me parts that she loves. It does my heart good to know that a close friend adores a book that I, myself, so thoroughly enjoyed. Dannika is currently my all-time favorite author, and I'm constantly pushing her works on others as best I can. She's an Indie just like me, and I love being able to promote for my fellow writers.

Since Jessie and I are so close to finishing LDD, I wanted to have another sneak peek, but I honestly can't think of anything I want to share that I haven't already shared on my Facebook Fan Page. So, instead I thought I'd share some of the chapter names. They're not in any certain order and I've only provided a few:

Boyfriend Sexypants
Death: The Dirty Player

These are just some of my favorites. At one point, we had titled chapter one What's That Smell? but it got nixed.

I hope everyone has an awesome rest of the week. I'll try my best to do better at getting my posts done on time (usually Sunday evenings). Don't forget to add Love During Death to your TBR list on Goodreads!

Check out these fabulous Indie authors:

Lisa Logue
Dannika Dark
Jessica Humphrey
Kelli McCracken

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