Sunday, September 9, 2012

Big Girls Are Beautiful Too

What a fantastic week! It was my featured week on the Indie Author Network blog and I had so much fun sharing with everyone a little more about myself, and some awesome things that had to do with the writing community. For easier access, I've listed direct links to all of my posts on the IAN website for anyone who's missed them and is interested in reading.

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In other news, I won grand prize on a book giveaway and received 5 new books that I can't wait to dig my fingers in, but I have so many others on my TBR list, it could be awhile before I get to them. I'm currently reading Bound by Lee Taylor, and although I'm enjoying it, I'm having a hard time making decent progress on it. I don't think I've really been that busy, but maybe I have!

I've also been procrastinating on my writing. I've been using OpenOffice, which is free, but it's been crashing on me before I get everything saved (actually crashes during the save), and doesn't restore it all. I seem to lose a lot of good writing because of it and it's been frustrating enough to make me just take some time off. I'd rather step back than throw my computer.

My mom took me to Rapid City, SD yesterday for a girl's day out/celebration shopping trip. She bought me 3 new shirts, a few select new undergarments, and a new pair of jeans! We also went out to eat, and spent a little bit of time in the bookstore there (though it wasn't near long enough!). I slept the whole way home (after eating ice cream) and have been fairly run down since. Apparently, I'm getting too old for all day shopping sprees. Yesterday evening, I did a small celebration of my own by giving myself a new dye job and highlight.
This coming week will be preparation week. With my book signing mere days away, I need to prepare myself mentally for the event. I'm so nervous and excited at the same time, it's cause me to literally shake physically almost constantly! Once the signing is over, I think I'll be able to relax quite a bit and really make some progress on writing.

I've finally come to terms with the fact that, due to Jessie and my clashing schedules, it could be quite some time before Love During Death is finished and ready to go. So, I've settled for working more on my other writings and touch on Love During Death when time allots.

Off to spend time with my little boy before bed! Have a good week and don't forget to get your entries in for the free copy of The Seventh Layer! Giveaway ends on the 16th. Here's the link:


  1. I'm glad everything went well for you this weekend :). You might want to try using Google Drive (Docs) for writing. It's free and doesn't crash. It automatically saves everything pretty much as soon as you start typing, and it can be accessed from any computer that you can use to login to Google. That's what I've been using and it's worked out pretty well so far. As always, <3 you lots!!!

    1. That's not a bad idea...I should. I think I'll transfer my file there. Thanks for being my brain, Lisa! <3 you lots too!

  2. I concur with Lisa, google docs is good as long as it has no images to attach, it want take them for me. I do have issues with then emailing large packets of data from google, as it max is something like 25mb (I think, not a geek). And it allows you to remotely 'share' a piece with editors who can either just leave comments (which I prefer) or strike outs and highlights (hate those! you have to go back and change the colors back)..

    You can also use 'The cloud" I have heard as well.

    Congrats on your signing and 'chill' ! They are just people..bring a seat cushion!



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