Sunday, September 2, 2012

All For One, One For. . . Ice Cream?

What a week! Last Tuesday, we had a pitifully small thunderstorm pass over with viscous lightning hiding in its midst. By Wednesday night, there were 4 fires within a 50 mile radius of my small town; one south, one west, and two east. By Friday, another fire had started out by one of the eastern fires. The report this morning stated that there were around 465 individuals assisting with the southern and western fires. The southern fire got as close as about 5 miles to town, but it sounds like they've made significant progress. Two of the eastern fires, however, have gotten completely out of control. The first original fire, AKA the Metcalf fire, was estimated to be around 75000 acres. The newest fire, AKA the Wellnitz fire was only about 50000 acres this morning (estimations only - may not be accurate), but completely went haywire and the two combined are estimated to now be at about 210,000 acres. It's said to be bigger than the entire city of Omaha, Nebraska. I hope they get them under control soon!!!
Image supplied by Martin Ray Glassgow of Gordon, NE

Thank God for an extra day this weekend! I'd been so stressed this last week that I've been insanely tired. My parents are going to Rapid City tomorrow and have invited me and my son along, but I'm tempted to just stay home and relax. We'll see. Maybe I'll just pop a Dramamine and take my computer along and write. If my 3 year old will allow it. Doubtful.

Before all hell broke loose and stress levels went through the roof, I did manage to get a few paragraphs written on my newest adventure! I've been waiting for things to calm down before I go back to it. The entire book is going to take a whole different mindset; one that I've been unable to attain since my little town was threatened by hell and brimstone. See!?! It's STILL the only thing on my mind!

Goal for the next few weeks: Find an overnight babysitter and get INSANELY drunk (probably not going to happen); book signing on the 15th (definitely going to happen!); do a giveaway - information with be posted to the IAN blog (; work work work (ugh!). I'm also thinking about doing a short story just for fun, but we'll see if I actually have time for it. Single parenthood doesn't allot a whole lot of free/extra time.

I forced my parents to watch the newest Three Musketeers movie with me tonight. It ended up being fairly entertaining and my mom didn't complain about the few swear words that were nonchalantly thrown in! Score one for me! I also had more than enough junk food (ie: ice cream and cookies) today to even out the tiny bit of weight I've lost over the last few months. Score one for fatness! Ah, good way to end a Sunday.

Alright, schedule for all of you:
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MARK YOUR CALENDAR - SEPTEMBER 15TH - BOOK SIGNING LOCALLY AND ONLINE! Don't hesitate to ask me for more details. I'm not shy and I don't bite. . . to hard :)


  1. Crikey, Rachel. Bigger than Omaha, that is some huge scale blazes. I remember when I went to Canada a few years ago, there were forest fires in the next province of British Columbia.

    They had to call in the water bombers from Lac La Biche to help douse the flames, they lost one of the 5 planes but the pilot was okay.

    1. They've had two water bombers and 6 helicoptors, 5 of which were from the National Guard. It's crazy!


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