Sunday, September 30, 2012

Books Books Books: Reviews, Blocks, Recommendations

I missed last week's blog post. It's been a hectic couple of weeks, and this coming week isn't looking any less crazy. I'm getting audited at my day job this week and my stress levels have far surpassed the roof. I've also managed to go almost two weeks without writing anything but an English Comp paper. It's been too difficult to concentrate. I have, however, managed to get some reading in. I'm considering the option of becoming a reviewer...probably don't have the time for it if I want to write as well. Oh well, dream big, right?

Since my book signing, I sold the rest of the books I had on hand, ordered more, and may have to order even more! I've also ordered some SWAG and am looking into some giveaway options. I've also sold several Kindle editions and have two reviews so far! Hoping for many more.

Aside from that, little new has gone on. I'm more than exhausted and wonder on a daily basis how I manage to keep my eyes open all day long. I started a B-vitamin complex regimen today, hoping it'll either eliminate or minimize my chronic tremors and give me back some of my energy. Soon, my pretty, soon!

I recently reread Sterling and Twist by Dannika Dark in preparation of the release of Impulse, book three of the Mageri series. It's due for release at the end of October. I can't wait!!!

I also read Expiez by CD Hussey. It's only a novella, but it was worth it. I'm currently working on Her Demonic Angel by Felicity Heaton, and it does not disappoint! Once done, I intend to post some short reviews on Amazon and hopefully get some writing done before burying myself in another world.

What are you reading? What do you intend to start next? Which book release has you most excited?

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: CRAVING MORE!

What a week! For whatever reason, I was EXTREMELY tired all week and was worried I'd be too dead to be worth two cents come Saturday. Somehow, though, I managed to be my normal chirpy self!

My book signing was AMAZING! Super special thanks to Sheryl Phillips for hosting, and Brittany Kouba for the beautiful cupcakes! Turn out was a bit lower than I had anticipated, but I discovered that a Nebraska Huskers game was on at the same time as the signing, and it had a small affect on the number of people willing to leave their homes. There were also some that forgot about it, or were out of town. One even told me she had a 4-wheeler accident and still couldn't feel her toes! Lots of love has been sent her way! Needless to say, I've got about 7 more purchases lined up, possibly more! I feel so incredibly blessed for the amount of support I've had from friends, family, and even acquaintances!

My plans for the near future: read, write, promote, repeat. The life of an Indie author is never ending, but I wouldn't have chosen another path for the world!

There are several books coming out soon that I am so incredibly excited about!

  • Binding Secrets by Lisa Logue due out the end of October
  • Impulse by Dannika Dark also due out the end of October
  • What the Heart Needs by Kelli McCracken due out the beginning of October
  1. Binding Secrets is the second book in the Legacy of Secrets series. I HIGHLY suggest reading book one, Cursed Secrets, along with the sister novella, Fire & Ice.
  2. Impulse is book three of the Mageri series. If you've not read Sterling and Twist yet, you NEED to.
  3. What the Heart Needs is the second book in the Soulmates series. Go read What the Heart Wants while you're waiting for the release of book two!
Stay tuned for frequent updates on more upcoming books I'm working on. Be sure to swing over to my Amazon page for your print or Kindle ebook version of The Seventh Layer!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Big Girls Are Beautiful Too

What a fantastic week! It was my featured week on the Indie Author Network blog and I had so much fun sharing with everyone a little more about myself, and some awesome things that had to do with the writing community. For easier access, I've listed direct links to all of my posts on the IAN website for anyone who's missed them and is interested in reading.

The Beginning of Something Beautiful - 9/2/12 Quick introduction to my blogging week
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GIMPing Along - 9/4/12 Information on basic cover art creating 101
Dannika Dark: Amazon Bestseller, Indie Author - 9/5/12 Fantastic interview with amazing author, Dannika Dark
Walking Down Memory Lane - 9/6/12 A peek into my own past
Decisions, Decisions - 9/7/12 Find out which cover was chosen for my final choice on my newest upcoming book
It's the End of the Road - 9/9/12 A bittersweet farewell

In other news, I won grand prize on a book giveaway and received 5 new books that I can't wait to dig my fingers in, but I have so many others on my TBR list, it could be awhile before I get to them. I'm currently reading Bound by Lee Taylor, and although I'm enjoying it, I'm having a hard time making decent progress on it. I don't think I've really been that busy, but maybe I have!

I've also been procrastinating on my writing. I've been using OpenOffice, which is free, but it's been crashing on me before I get everything saved (actually crashes during the save), and doesn't restore it all. I seem to lose a lot of good writing because of it and it's been frustrating enough to make me just take some time off. I'd rather step back than throw my computer.

My mom took me to Rapid City, SD yesterday for a girl's day out/celebration shopping trip. She bought me 3 new shirts, a few select new undergarments, and a new pair of jeans! We also went out to eat, and spent a little bit of time in the bookstore there (though it wasn't near long enough!). I slept the whole way home (after eating ice cream) and have been fairly run down since. Apparently, I'm getting too old for all day shopping sprees. Yesterday evening, I did a small celebration of my own by giving myself a new dye job and highlight.
This coming week will be preparation week. With my book signing mere days away, I need to prepare myself mentally for the event. I'm so nervous and excited at the same time, it's cause me to literally shake physically almost constantly! Once the signing is over, I think I'll be able to relax quite a bit and really make some progress on writing.

I've finally come to terms with the fact that, due to Jessie and my clashing schedules, it could be quite some time before Love During Death is finished and ready to go. So, I've settled for working more on my other writings and touch on Love During Death when time allots.

Off to spend time with my little boy before bed! Have a good week and don't forget to get your entries in for the free copy of The Seventh Layer! Giveaway ends on the 16th. Here's the link:

Sunday, September 2, 2012

All For One, One For. . . Ice Cream?

What a week! Last Tuesday, we had a pitifully small thunderstorm pass over with viscous lightning hiding in its midst. By Wednesday night, there were 4 fires within a 50 mile radius of my small town; one south, one west, and two east. By Friday, another fire had started out by one of the eastern fires. The report this morning stated that there were around 465 individuals assisting with the southern and western fires. The southern fire got as close as about 5 miles to town, but it sounds like they've made significant progress. Two of the eastern fires, however, have gotten completely out of control. The first original fire, AKA the Metcalf fire, was estimated to be around 75000 acres. The newest fire, AKA the Wellnitz fire was only about 50000 acres this morning (estimations only - may not be accurate), but completely went haywire and the two combined are estimated to now be at about 210,000 acres. It's said to be bigger than the entire city of Omaha, Nebraska. I hope they get them under control soon!!!
Image supplied by Martin Ray Glassgow of Gordon, NE

Thank God for an extra day this weekend! I'd been so stressed this last week that I've been insanely tired. My parents are going to Rapid City tomorrow and have invited me and my son along, but I'm tempted to just stay home and relax. We'll see. Maybe I'll just pop a Dramamine and take my computer along and write. If my 3 year old will allow it. Doubtful.

Before all hell broke loose and stress levels went through the roof, I did manage to get a few paragraphs written on my newest adventure! I've been waiting for things to calm down before I go back to it. The entire book is going to take a whole different mindset; one that I've been unable to attain since my little town was threatened by hell and brimstone. See!?! It's STILL the only thing on my mind!

Goal for the next few weeks: Find an overnight babysitter and get INSANELY drunk (probably not going to happen); book signing on the 15th (definitely going to happen!); do a giveaway - information with be posted to the IAN blog (; work work work (ugh!). I'm also thinking about doing a short story just for fun, but we'll see if I actually have time for it. Single parenthood doesn't allot a whole lot of free/extra time.

I forced my parents to watch the newest Three Musketeers movie with me tonight. It ended up being fairly entertaining and my mom didn't complain about the few swear words that were nonchalantly thrown in! Score one for me! I also had more than enough junk food (ie: ice cream and cookies) today to even out the tiny bit of weight I've lost over the last few months. Score one for fatness! Ah, good way to end a Sunday.

Alright, schedule for all of you:
Check the blog on IAN for some fun post from me this week
Check MY blog every weekend for my usual rantings
Stop by my Facebook Fan Page for frequent updates, sneak peak postings, and awesome nonsense
MARK YOUR CALENDAR - SEPTEMBER 15TH - BOOK SIGNING LOCALLY AND ONLINE! Don't hesitate to ask me for more details. I'm not shy and I don't bite. . . to hard :)