Sunday, August 12, 2012


Well, so far my weekend hasn't been the best I've ever had, but I'm trying to make the most of it. Since things on Love During Death seem to have come to a stand still again (I haven't heard from Jessie in several days), I'm prepping for my next book.

My younger stepsister, Amanda, has been practically begging me to write her a book about vampires (a topic I've covered several times in previous posts), and we managed to get together yesterday to discuss overall concept of the next book. I even managed to create two options for cover art and have one or two more in mind that I need to whip up before meeting with Amanda again. Since this next book will initially be for her, I will probably be clearing everything through her for opinions, advice, and suggestions.

On a completely different note, I shaved my legs yesterday! Yes I know, too much information. I just thought I'd share because it tends to be a pretty big thing when I actually do this. I'm a single mom with no time or energy to really care about the fact that the hair on my legs is long enough to feel the wind blowing around and through it. I also redyed my hair, primarily because I have a wedding to go to in two weeks. I even repainted my toenails after giving myself a mini pedicure yesterday. Welcome to the extent of my girlieness. It's so rare, it's announceable.

My stepdad got my three year old addicted to the old school cartoon, Fat Albert. Then we found out that it's on Netflix Kids. Yeah, needless to say we've been watching nothing but Fat Albert and Dora for the last 48 hours. Who'd of thunk that you lose your own TV privileges when you have kids of your own?

Alright, enough about all that. Research of the last week was on Solar Urticaria and Plasmapheresis. Wikipedia is my best friend.

Have a good week!

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