Sunday, August 19, 2012

Reading Obsessions, Writing Desires

I spent some time this last week getting some much needed reading in. I've been so caught up in life that I've been neglecting what little luxury I allow myself. So, I started the Fallen Star series by Jessica Sorensen, intending on only reading the first book and finishing the series another time. As of last night, I finished the series. So much for only reading one!

On Friday, I not only finished up my final review on The Seventh Layer, I also reviewed the proof copy and put in my order for my book signing! I'm about 2 weeks ahead of schedule and it's an absolute stress reliever. I had been overly concerned that I hadn't timed things accurately and wouldn't be getting things finalized in time. Now I can relax a bit more and move on to other books.

Jessie is amazing! She really got some fantastic writing done on Love During Death and we're both starting to get in a good mindset to make some fabulous progress on it. Seeing as how the last part she wrote was primarily just a quick jot and run, I've decided to review and edit what she came up with, add my own touches, and hopefully move on to the next part. It's just how we roll.

After I get rolling on that project, I've got a new one I've started (earlier mentioned in another blog post). I've yet to come up with a title for my newest adventure, but Amanda (my sister) and I have really come up with some good concepts for it. When I find the time away from me and Jessie's book, I'll elaborate more on the specifics of the new book (with myself, of course) and get a good outline workup done.

Books coming soon that I'm SUPER excited about:
Impulse by Dannika Dark
Expiez: Redeem Your Blood Lust by CD Hussey
Her Demonic Angel by Felicity Heaton
Binding Secrets by Lisa Logue
And of course, my own book, The Seventh Layer, coming September 15th!

What books are you looking forward to reading? Enlighten me, I just may join you in reading them!
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