Saturday, August 4, 2012

Deadly Romance

Did you know they made chicken nuggets in the shape of dinosaurs? My son loves them! So much so that he tries to eat them before they've cooled down enough then complains when the flesh on his fingers is sizzling as loud as the cooling meat of the nugget! Yea, he's about as wise as his mother.

I'm starting to stress about having everything lined up in time for the signing next month. I had intended on giving my beta readers a full month to read, but I've had to cut their time back. There's too much to do before the signing, including going to a wedding! Ugh...that's all I got...ugh.

Jessie should be writing the next momentous part in Love During Death, so I've been researching vampires and think I've already decided which way I'm going to swing. I know there's going to be that romantic foundation, but aren't all vamps supposedly "romantic" (except for the super old ones that just kill and drain)?

The question of the day! When reading vampire fiction, what part do you enjoy the most? The dark romanticism or potential death sentence that supports the dark romance? Comment, share, invite! Let's see if we can't get a real discussion going.

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  1. I didn't read vampire until I picked up Twilight - say what you will about this series - it still got me looking around. Then I found the Angeneau family of tongue in cheek - fangs in neck by Lynsay Sands. Onto the Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward - so now, I'm hooked.

    I stayed away from the vampire mystique because of Bela - I saw the movie at eight years of age and close to sixty years ago when blood and guts were not the norm. I comforted myself, in the dark, with, he only went after blondes.

    Okay, now I'm strong - bring it on. Look forward to your writings.


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