Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Interactive Vampires

What today consisted of: cover art creating. Today I made the official cover art for my colaboration book, Love During Death which is being co-written by my amazing friend, Jessica Humphrey. Now that things are beginning to wrap up with The Seventh Layer, I've decided it'd be wise to get my rear in gear and finish Love During Death. I've already told Jess that it's time we crack down on each other.

On to other things! I've decided to do some in-depth research on vampires; their history, the differences between one person's creation and the next, things like that. I want to hear from YOU. What do you know about vamps? What would you like to know? If there was one (or two, or three) thing(s) that you'd like to see in your own vampire creation, what would it be? Share with me your knowledge! If you know of any awesome websites, I'd love to check them out. Never know where this kind of knowledge might take me ;)

Visit the Books page to view the new cover art! Love During Death will hopefully be released in the spring of 2013. Be sure to stay tuned in to my Facebook Page for frequent updates and one-on-one interaction with me and some of my fantastic writing companions!


  1. Talk about a broad subject lol. Vampire lore is vast. Different cultures throughout history all have their own "vampires" or creatures resembling them. One website I love to traverse is the Myth Encyclopedia. Here is their entry about vampires:

    I like this site. It's a bit generalized, but it gives a good starting point to begin the research. The nice thing about vampires is you can pretty much mold them into whichever type of character you want. Some fanboys (and fangirls) prefer the classic vampires, but even the oldest lore needs a facelift every now and again!

    ~Lisa Logue

    1. Thanks Lisa! I'll definitely go have a look. I know it's a broad subject, but I seriously intend to cover as much of it as I can. I have this giant spider web image in my head of the layout I intend to put together throughout the research :)

  2. A spiderweb, it is! There are so many things that can be done, so many that have already, it's almost impossible to put a limit on it. I'm proud to say that I've kept some of the classic vampire lore with the ones in my series. Who says vampires have to sparkle? :)

    Best of luck!

  3. I'm actually working on a few at the moment. Two of which will be brought up in my third and fourth books. I've been doing research on actual vampyres (that's their spelling), and have had my eyes opened.

    My vampires (fiction), actually have a heart beat (very slow), and can see their reflection. I've also explained why some can touch or look at the crucifix and others cannot. Those who were particullarly religious while human have some degree of fear/repulsion/and can be burned by one. Also holy water is used against vampires as well as demons.

    My own blog has excerpts from my books, and so forth on the subject.

    Lisa (above), is right this is a broad subject, and a lot can be worked into your own vampires, they are so maliable, it is really up to the author what to do with them, and I think this is why I like writing about them!


Thanks for your input!