Thursday, July 12, 2012

Good Morning, Twinkle Stars

This is how cool I am: I went and laid down with my three-year-old around 8pm to put him to bed, and gracefully nodded off myself.
What's even more cool: I woke back up around 11:30pm wide awake.

Granted, I didn't eat dinner tonight because I wasn't hungry at the time (I still haven't eaten and I'm STARVING). There's always a reason. I believe tonight's reason was so that I could get some writing in.

Here's an update:    
                                 Current word count: 46,288
     Progress: 405 words into chapter 14 (just started). This will hopefully be my last full chapter. There will be an epilogue following. Hoping to be done writing and on to editing by Sunday or Monday!

Keep your fingers crossed that I get a majority of my writing done tomorrow (technically today) and Friday. I have family coming to town this weekend including a nephew I've yet to meet and a pain in the Rumplestiltsken (sp?) brother. Awesome parade on Saturday that little man will just love, but it all means that I'll likely have little time to write.

Other points of business: I'm thinking about adding a web page for promotional purposes for other artistically inclined individuals (have I mentioned this before?). I'm still brainstorming the idea, but would love to hear everyone's imput on the matter. Originally, I intended to highlight one person at a time. I would still like to do this, however I'd also like a page for constant support or special occasion promotions. I need opinions! Comment here, message me on FB, tweet! I don't care, just holler at me!

I've got to eat something and get back to bed. If I don't, I'll be as nasty as Medusa and look a hell of a lot like Frankenstein!

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