Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Email Blogging Artist Promoting

I'm trying out a new blogging technique: text to blog! We'll see how special it is. If I like it. I just might use it. It does seem a bit rediculous to type an entire blog on my phone though. Maybe it's not meant to be used this way? What do I know.

Well, I reached 40,000 words this weekend! Pretty excited about that. If I kick it in gear, maybe I can be done writing by the end of July/beginning of August and get started on editing! I'm still hoping to publish before 2013, my current goal aimed for Christmas. I spent a good chunk of today working on manuscript formatting and familiarizing myself with the CreateSpace website, and only knocked out 1300 words. Sad day. It felt productive just the same.

I'm considering starting a promotional page for my fellow writers, but I don't want to be so limiting. I want to reach out to all artistically inclined individuals. Who would be interested in having their talents displayed for a week? I'd like to promote one new artist (writer, photographer, graphic designer, editer, etc) a week. Opinions? Anyone out there interested in participating? Let me know!

I've barely got one eye open and the other already rolling its way back to Dreamland. My carpal tunnel is screaming at me for typing all of this on such a tiny keyboard and my body is begging for TLC. I'd say it's bedtime. Sleep well my friends. Dream good dreams.

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